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8th Grade SEEK: Tolerance [Tolerance: Expressing
Learn To Live With Others
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Expressing Tolerance

In SEEK we are making tolerance projects. They are to show people to use tolerance instead of intolerance.

Some people are teaching classes.

Some people are making worksheets.

Some people are making posters and doing projects with people.

Some people are doing projects on Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Body, Visual/Spacial, Musical, Math/Logical, and Word smarts.

One person, who will currently be Unknown is working on a game board to present. It is called "Toleropoly" after originally being "Intoleropoly." Rules to the game will come soon here.

If there is bullying occuring, try to stop it.

Every person to help might prevent a terrible accident.

Helping people may make you feel good.

Teach people how to be tolerant.

Teach people to be tolerant of others.

Help people out who are in need.

You may feel good if you donate money to the needy.

Write an editorial for a paper or a school paper. Talk about tolerance in that.

Ask intolerant people why they are intolerant.

More coming soon...