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Learn To Live With Others

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New Layout, New Sections, New Name, Official Grand Opening

4/9/2: Back | Editor: Simplor
This is the new layout. It won't premiere yet. We are also now called Slavery section is updated. More in the next few days. Only pages made after today will have this new layout.

3/19/2: Back | Editor: Simplor
Many sections added. The site officially opens in April. A new layout may come. Besides, adding other sections in the past month, I added a Muslim section today. There is not much to it. I'm trying to get this site on but it is not on yet.

2/26/2: Back | Editor: Simplor
Expressing section is added. Suicide section is added (although not recommended to check on). It has also been edited to be more appropriate. Suicide is Part 4 of 4 of the 4 part "Smaller Problems" section that was added. I plan on a Hitler section next or Slavery to be completed.

2/12/2: Back | Editor: Simplor
There is news of a possible new terrorist attack. Check out FBI's Website for more information. There is no longer a homosexual page in ways. I made a homosexual page in Races. Although it is not a race but is the best spot for it to go as of now. Quite a bit of homosexual info. However, it is not totally done. New sections on side added with future pages. Expressing is probably next. Followed by finishing off Hate Groups.

2/4/2: Back | Editor: Simplor
NAZI PARTY page added. Information on it. Not totally done with that. More news added in Marquee Scrollbar.

1/28/2: Back | Editor: Simplor
Search engine added. More coming soon pages added. First page with real information added. Picture added. Web links added. KKK page is now available and has info on it.

1/15/2: Back | Editor: Simplor
Work in progress. Coming soon. Only 3 active site links on left. Will lead to coming soon page. All links on right are links to sites from the internet that teach or show tolerance or explain the use of intolerance.

Want to check out the making of this site. View the journal of making this site. Click HERE. (link not yet active)

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