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1) Introduction
An introduction to what has been discussed so far in the lesson.

2) Colonization and Difficulties
Plants make their way onto land but face certain difficulties.

3) Primitive Land Plants Retained Swimming Sperm and Required Water to Reproduce
Discussing the original difficulties of reproduction on land.

4) Conifers Encased Sperm in Pollen Grains, Allowing Them to Flourish in Dry Habitats
In this section, we discuss the process of reproduction for conifer plants.

5) Flowering Plants Enticed Animals to Carry Pollen
In this section, we will discuss the flowering plants and their advantages over conifers.

6) Some Animals Evolved Specialized Structures That Adapted Them to Life on Dry Land
Includes download of powerpoint presenation of this section.

7) Lesson 4 Notes (WORD)
Lose your notes given to you in class? Download them as a Microsoft Word document by right clicking and pressing save target as. Or, just view it as a webpage.

8) Lesson 4 Notes (TEXT)
Text of notes for those who aren't Windows-friendly.

9) Online Quiz (OPTIONAL)
Optional short and easy online quiz that will include questions with answers that can be found on this website.

10) Other Websites
Other websites to help your comprehension of the issue.