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Here's Some Links! (Not all of them are Sailor Moon)

Orion's Site

This is My cousins site! Its pretty cool!

Also Check out Jezzabelle's Site

Jezzabelle's Site

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K you guys i know that alot of you are really annoyed at me cause i haven't been updating and i am very sorry about that. I am also sorry to inform that there won't be any updating because there is know way i have anytime to maintain this website... but i am gonna keep it up for those of you who wish to take images from here okie dokie! Sorry bout that


~Sailor X~

rogue00eugor got their NeoPet at
rogue00eugor got their NeoPet at

If there is any thing you want on my sight please send it to me at my email. I love getting fan art and storys,etc. My email adress is at the bottom of the page! Oh and PLEASE don't steal my awards or my sailor x drawings and edit them! If you want the drawing just email me and i'll send them to youthanx.

Gateways of Time

Image Court

lots of images of the scouts

Profile Gallery

info about the scouts

Sailor X's Profile and images

info about me Sailor X


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