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Welcome to my page of RPG stuff. I'm just learning HTML code so bear with this site for now, please ^.^
Hopefully it will look really neat in a couple of months. Thanx for visiting :)

A really awesome RPG that I had never even heard of until a few months ago. I bought it at the pawn shop for $25 and have been obsessive ever since.

The very first RPG I ever owned. Still one of my favourites...and the sequel's coming out in August! Yay!!!

Also known as FF2 in North America. Classic Final Fantasy.

FF5 wasn't officially tranlated into English until recently, with the Final Fantasy Anthology release.

This is FF3 in North America. Probably my favourite RPG, partially because of's a close tie between this and StarOcean.

The first FF for Playstation, it's a good one...strays a little from the original style, but still a great game.

This is a good game, but it's barely recognizable as a Final Fantasy...they even scrapped the prelude!!! Arg.

I love this game. Not traditional's a strategy game/RPG with some really awesome artwork and music.

A really unique game, and of a slightly different genre than the others on this page, but I really enjoyed it.

This is just some basic info about me, as well as a very small collection of scanned art (I like to draw anime) and pieces of writing.

These are just links to various RPG pages that I recommend.

Coming Soon (hopefully): Lunar (ps version), and Granstream Saga

If you have any comments on the site, my e-mail addy is on my Personal Stuff page :) Feel free to sign the guestbook.