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How to use Webfx to copy a picture and email it to someone.


What is WebFX?
Webfx is a site (similar to My Imager) where you can input the url of a picture, change the picture by croping, resizing, adding effects, and then either transload the new picture to your website, or email the new picture to yourself or anyone else, as an attachment.
The picture will be seen in the email. (Not the type of attachment where you have to click on writing { a link} and you are taken to the picture.)

We can use this site strictly as a way to put the picture in an email--you don't have to change the picture in order to use this site.


How to use WebFX

  • First you need to find the url of the picture. This is explained in detail on the previous page. (Using the "go to" key and then ccp the address)
  • Paste the picture url in the space and click on "Try URL"
  • This can take a few seconds. If the url you used is from a webpage that has a number of images on it, you will now see a page that has a long column of images and their url addresses. If you used the actual url of the photo (ending in .jpg or.gif), you should only see that picture.
  • Choose the picture you want and click on it.
  • On this page you will be asked what effect you want to apply. Skip over all that and choose "apply effect".
  • Now you should see the chosen picture, and the url address underneath it.
  • Underneath that you are given a choice-Transload to my website, or Email this picture to someone.
  • Choose email
  • On this page you input your name (required), the senders email & recepients email. You don't have to write a message.
  • NOTE; YOU CAN NOT EMAIL DIRECTLY TO PHOTOPOINT OR STARBLVD FROM THIS PAGE! You have to email the picture to yourself first. So, you write your email address in both the sender and recepient spaces
  • Now when you log into your account at starblvd, you will be told that you have a message in the "mail queue". At photopoint, your pictures will be in your "Incoming" album.
  • Note: The reason you have to email the pics to your self first, is so that your email address is in the "From: " line of the email. That is how these album websites know who the pictures belong to. If you send them from the webfx site, there is no way they can figure out who's picture it is.



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