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In considering the true nature of God, one must first consider the nature of man and of the universe, for without understanding himself or the universe in which he lives how can man approach an understanding of God? Each man possesses a consciousness independent of any other creature. He is aware of a separation between himself and the world around him. He experiences images, sounds, scents, tastes, and physical forms through what he perceives as his physical body. He also experiences thoughts, emotions, and other phenomena which do not manifest either visibly or audibly but which influence him nonetheless and which he perceives as coming from "within" his consciousness.

From the earliest times, man has attempted to reconcile this condition of "separation from the universe". Early man, in terror of the images and sounds which bombarded him from all directions and of the earth which seemed ready to swallow him once more as if the universe itself realized that it had made a terrible mistake, scared of this thing called "life" and yet equally scared of death, began to imagine hideous gods and demons all about him. These monsters which roared with anger and surely had the power to destroy him would have to be appeased or else death could be imminent.

As man survived fire and flood, disease and famine, the anxiety he felt concerning his condition lessened. Man learned to live and even thrive in a hostile and evil world. Civilizations rose to power and raised up animistic deities as gods who now demanded worship and sacrifice in return for their beneficence and blessing. The threat was no longer against an individual man but against an entire society. To gain the favor of the gods, these deities had to be appeased or else famine, pestilence, or war might come upon a nation and destroy it.

Ultimately, the priests of many of these gods decided that their particular deity was the true god, that all other gods were devils, and that the followers of other gods had be converted or destroyed. Egypt was decimated by the Osirians as they attempted to eliminate the earlier religions. In the Middle East, the Hebrews went to war with the surrounding nations to annihilate them. Out of the cults of Baal and Osirus, Tammuz and Dmuzi, Mithra and Zoroaster, rose a sacrificial-god religion which would dominate Europe for centuries to come. The age of paganism had ended and the age of theocracy had begun. Long after the purpose of the gods they represented had passed, theocracies used their "divine" authority to wage religious wars against supposed "infidels" and persecutions of non-believers.

Many people today have rejected the established religions of the past. This is natural when you consider that, while society has changed, the teachings and doctrines of these religions have not changed in over a thousand years. Many cannot reconcile the values and beliefs of society with the values and beliefs of the dominant religions within society. We are at a point in history where the dominant religions of the past will be displaced by religions whose values are in greater accordance with societyís values today. This is why many people have sought out new religions and have turned to Wicca and new age philosophies or to alternative religious cults such as Heavenís Gate and the Solar Temple.

While cults devoted to new age mysticism or white light magic and spirituality have had some success among those seeking for "something, ... anything spiritual", due principally to Christianityís impoverishment of the ego and starvation of the intellect, they are ultimately no more relevant to todayís society than the religions of the past. The world is searching for a religion which embraces the scientific knowledge of today, recognizes the psychological nature of man, and perceives the potential of man to achieve far more than he has already, while holding to ethical beliefs and values held by society today, and possessing a willingness to change those values and beliefs in accordance with future changes in society. Despite some individuals who see in Satanism nothing more than anti-Christianity, a depraved religion of blasphemism or an expression for anti-social desires and impulses, the emphasis of Satanism on the ego and the intellect and its recognition of manís ultimate potential has made it the one religion relevant in todayís society.

But to return to the question at hand, what is the true nature of God? If, by God, one is referring not to a specific deity man has devised but to a controlling force or intellect within the universe, then it is clear to me that God, like the universe and everything within the universe, is in a continuous state of change and evolution. What I am suggesting is that God, like matter, energy, or consciousness, is "dynamic" not "static". Descartes said, "I think therefore I am," but is this really true? In that which I perceive as my "mind" there is a continuous stream of thoughts which flows through me like a river. But am I my thoughts or am I the thing in which my thoughts manifest? Is the river the water which fills the river, or is the river the rock and dirt over which the water flows? Or is "river" simply a name I have given to that which I perceive from the visual image of water moving over rock and dirt? And yet, a river from one moment to the next is not the same river, for the water in the river is not composed of the same water particles, and a man is not the same from one moment to the next, since his thoughts and impressions change with each passing moment.

If a man thinks for a moment that he has achieved enlightenment and understanding, the pool of thought he calls consciousness stagnates and, as a cess-pool, breeds worms and stenches like a swamp. The science of today is the superstition of tomorrow and the genius of today the know-nothing of tomorrow, for as the universe evolves towards ever greater levels of consciousness the very concept of truth, enlightenment, or wisdom changes with it. I AM not, but am becoming. The universe IS not, but is becoming. And if I, who possess consciousness, am becoming, then the consciousness which guides and/or controls the universe, from which my consciousness has its source, must also be becoming. The dialectic method of thesis/anti-thesis and synthesis is the process by which the universal dynamic evolves. I am not my flesh nor my blood. I am not my brain nor my body. In realizing that the "I AM" of my being is pure consciousness, I realize that I am God; I am the universe made manifest. And that which I call Lucifer, the embodiment of wisdom and enlightenment, is also changing, is also becoming. It is within me, it flows through me, it is what the "I AM" of my being is. I am Lucifer. I am Satan.

There is one thing common to all gods man has created. Every man-made god is static and unchanging. Yahweh resides in heaven, unchanging, unbending, the creator of the universe and all that it contains. Christ sits at the right hand of God ready to judge the living and the dead. Zeus resides in Mount Olympus holding aloft the lightning bolt, his symbol of divine power. The values of society and the structure of its institutions are defined as "good." That which threatens society is defined as "evil." The definitions of good or evil change from nation to nation and from century to century. God is defined by that which is "static" and unchanging. That which is "dynamic", a potential threat to the status-quo such as war, revolution, political unrest, or social upheaval, is represented by the Devil. But, if the universe is dynamic not static and consciousness is NOT but is becoming then the devil, Satan, more accurately reflects the true nature of God than Christ, Yahweh, or any other image of God which man has defined.

The Sumerians believed the Dragon of Chaos, Tiamat, to be the mother of the gods. The gods brought order to Chaos, but they were themselves the children of Chaos and subject to its laws and conditions. The devil was not originally a "rebel" against the order of creation but, the beginning and the end, the source of all creation. "The dragon sleeps," we are told in the texts of old, "but shall awaken." In the alchemical treatise, the Kybalion, it is said that "the All is Mind" and "the Universe is Mental." The modern physicist, in accordance with this principle of alchemy that matter and energy are mental phenomena and that "everything vibrates", has stated that the electrons and protons within the atom are composed of waves with various charges and rates of vibration. The Universe is not, but is BECOMING! God is not, but is BECOMING! When Lucifer has risen, when man has become God, then it shall be known that the Aeon of Lucifer has begun.

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