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The universe is not logical. Existence is not logical and life is not logical. How can something come out of nothing? If ever there was nothing there should still be nothing. How can the universe be infinite? Yet nothing can exist outside of the universe. How can time be eternal? Yet nothing can exist outside of time. How can mass produce consciousness? If ever a man was not conscious he should still be unconscious. The order of the universe suggests the existence of a god but what created God? If energy cannot be created or destroyed then there is a finite amount but what created energy? The universe should not exist. Life should not exist. There is no logic.

The universe is not reality... It is only a dream. Consciousness alone exists. A single consciousness alone exists, isolated in a void of nothingness. There is no God. There is no other consciousness besides that of the One. It sleeps. It dreams. As it awakens from one dream, another dream begins. There is no reality for it to awake to. There is nothing outside of consciousness. The universe seems real to the characters in the dream but what they perceive as "self" does not exist. The consciousness of the many are the consciousness of the One. The lives of the many are the dreams of the One.

Deep within every man this knowledge resides. This is why man sees himself in others. What he hates in others is what he hates most in himself. What he fears in others is what he fears most in himself. What he loves in others is what he most wants to possess himself. How he treats his fellow man is a reflection of his true feelings towards his individual consciousness. Those who worship "God" are fools, for they deny the reality of the One which exists within them. Those who fear "God" are frightened of shadows for there is nothing beyond consciousness.

Descartes said, "I think therefore I am," but what is thought? Why should man give more credit to the pound of organic matter he calls his "brain" than he does to rock or dirt? Can matter or energy produce consciousness, can nerve cells within the brain "think" any more than stones upon the ground? If this were true then man would be nothing more than a robot following out his "programming" as designed by nature. That which decays and rots in the ground is not the source of consciousness. Consciousness animates the material but is not governed by it. The source consciousness is all that exists. The One is all that is real.

A manís life is a river but what is a river? Is it the water which flows over rock and dirt, changing from moment to moment, or is it the riverbed over which the water flow, which changes also but over a much longer period of time. If the water is diverted, the river dries up and a new river is formed. Can that which never existed die? Can it spend eternity in bliss or in torment? Can it be reincarnated in another form? It cannot be said to die if it never existed. Only the consciousness which enlivened it exists. When consciousness is cut off by the end of flesh, it is diverted elsewhere creating new life. There is only consciousness and it is without end.

The mystic says "deny the ego, surrender yourself to the universal consciousness." This is folly for by rejecting oneís own consciousness, the universal consciousness which animates the individual is also rejected. If I am God made manifest then my thoughts are the thoughts of a god and my actions are the actions of a god. My desires are the desires of a god and my Will is the Will of a god. If I am "good" or I am "evil" then I am a god of goodness or a god of wickedness. The sadomasochistic nature of the dynamic consciousness becomes evident as one considers that the source consciousness which animates all things manifests as both predator and prey. Whatever is within oneís nature to do is within the nature of God to carry out. As Aleister Crowley wrote: Every man and every woman is a star; there is no sin in any action which is in accordance with oneís will and desire. Every soul is a manifestation of the One, the One which is divided for loveís sake and for the pleasure and pain of unique existence. The life of an individual is of no consequence; the source consciousness alone exists, experiencing the pleasure and torment of each life.

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