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One of Astaroths assistants. He is depicted as an owl or wolf headed man with a serpent tail and is said to have 40 legions under his command. He has the title of Prince.

A King of Hell and one of Paimon's assistants. Very little is know of this demon including what he is depicted as.

the demon of Thursday

demon of shipwrecks

His title is a Great Duke in Hell. He is the demon of astrology and has 36 legions under his command. He is depicted as a human with a horned lion head, riding a horse with dragon legs.

A great president of Hell with 36 legions of demons under his command. He is depicted as a fire but later changing into the shape of a man.

The presiding demon of Hell

The demon of bad news

His title is the Great Marquis and is the demon of discord. He has 30 legions under his command. He is depicted as an angel with or without wings depending on the source, with the head of a raven (of an owl according to other sources), riding a black and strong wolf, and with a sharp and bright sword in his hand.

The demon of Sunday

Evil spirit in the air

Demon that leads travelers astray

The demon of spies and informers

"Evil spirit", is the undisputed king of the demons of Hebrew lore. Lust is carried up from Hell by a goat (or an ass). The "sin of flesh" leads to "uncleanliness". Its opposing virtue is Castity.

One of the Chief Devils, a King of Hell. His name is sometimes spelled as Ashtaroth. Astarte is its female. His main assistants are 3 demons called Aamon, Pruslas, and Barbatos. He is a seducer of women. He is depicted as a nude man with dragon-like wings, hands and feet, a second pair of feathered wings after the main, wearing a crown, holding a serpent in one hand, and riding a wolf or dog.

One of the Great Demons. Also given as Baalim. He was ranked as the first and principle King in Hell and rules over the East. He is depicted with three heads, a man wearing a crown, a toad and a cat, human chest, and the rest of the body as a spider.

The demon of tempests

The demon of Friday

The demon of animal strength. He is usually depicted as a hippopotamus, water buffalo, crocodile or a dinosaur.

Demon of the Sidonians. A King of Hell created after Lucifer.

One of the Princes of Hell. Also given as Beelzeboul. Beelzebub started out as a Canaanite deity whose name in Hebrew (Baal Zebub) meant Lord of The Flies and who later came to be equated with Satan. Beelzebub is called the Prince of the Demons. He rules over excessive eating and drinking. The opposing virtue is Sobriety.

Depicted as Sloth incarnate. Vanity and sloth, this is considered a sin of the flesh, usually represented by scenes of falling asleep on the job, especially if done by a monk. Sloths animal is the donkey, slow moving and lazy. The opposing virtue is Diligence.

The demon of ignorance

The demon of hatred

One of the Kings of Hell

Demon born of smoke

Demon of the air

Envy incarnate. Envy is seen as a twisting serpent from the primordial deep and is a sin of the devil. This sin is usually represented as a dog, or depicted as a heart being eated away. The opposing virtue is Charity.

Wife of Asmodeus, Queen of the Demons

"Light-bearer." Pride is considered the root of all evil. It is because of pride that Lucifer fell from the sky to the subterranean realm. The selfish sin is to be "vainglorious" and think your better than others. Pride is seen as a lion. Its opposing virtue is Humility.

Avarice. Thomas Aquinas wrote, "By Mammon is meant the devil who is the Lord of Money." Avarice is a sin that creates misers, theives and murderers. The Wolf is the animal that comes up from Hell carrying Mammon to fill the human heart with greed. The opposing virtue is Sufficiency.

One of the Princes of Darkness

Great President of Hell. Some authors say he rules 3 legions while other say he rules 30. He is depicted as a leopard, later changing into the shape of a man.

One of the Kings of Hell who is more faithful to Lucifer than any of the other demons. He teaches philosophy, arts and sciences and can reveal hidden things.He is depicted as a strong man with a womans face wearing a crown and riding a dromedary.

The goddess of matter that has been revivified.

Great Earl of Hell who rules 30 legions. He is depicted as a crow who changes into the shape of a man at the conjurers request.

The demon that entices into the woods

Anger. Anger is usually embodied by a sharp toothed animal like a leopard with bared fangs, or a wild boar, ready to kill. Anger is a creature stabbing itself with a knife through the heart. Its opposing virtue is Patience.

Spirit of Darkness

The demon who carries witches to Sabbath.