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The Demonic Bible is written upon parchment made from human flesh in ink made from human blood in a strange alien script, the language of the daemons, dark gods from a time before the creation of man. This dark book contains the magic of the Ancient Ones. Many of its rituals involve human sacrifice, cannibalism, rape, and torture. The Demonic Bible has been revealed, at least in part, to those sorcerers and magicians throughout history who have walked the Dark Path. These magicians have translated passages from the Demonic Bible into various languages, often changing certain words in order to hide the true nature of the work. The Grimoire of Abramelin the Mage, the Clavicula Solomonis, the Book of Shadows, and the Necronomicon are among the many books transcribed from the dread pages of the Demonic Bible. The Demonic Bible was shown to the magician John Dee. Dee translated eighteen of the "demonic" keys from the strange demonic language in which the Demonic Bible is written. When Dee translated his Keys from the Demonic Bible he named them the Enochian Keys.

They are not, as is commonly believed, named for the Enoch who "walked with God" but rather for Enoch, the son of Cain. Cain was the first man to perform the rituals of the Demonic Bible and he murdered his brother as a sacrifice to the Ancient Ones. His son, Enoch, was given to the serpent from birth. This demonic language revealed to Dee during his scrying experiments is written in an ancient script which has been passed down for centuries by practitioners of the black arts (many of them unaware of its origins). This script has been called by various names, but is most commonly known today as the "theban script" or the "witch’s alphabet".

The formulas in this book were revealed to me in part by my Unholy Guardian Demon, the spirit Azael, and also in part by Astaroth, Asmodeus, Moloch, and Beelzebub. This book includes many of the formulas given in the Demonic Bible but is not the entire Demonic Bible, the unholy book being thousands of pages in length in its entirety. When originally revealed to me by the spirit Azael, this work included only the crossing of four gates, corresponding with the four "Princes of Hell", and an extraneous book dealing with the invocation of the dead. I performed the rituals and experienced the "crossing of the gates" within extremely vivid and symbolic dreams. Since then the spirits have revealed additional rituals to me. This book has been a work in progress. It has evolved over the last ten years as I have progressed along the Dark Path.

Rituals which enhanced the work have been added while rituals which did not have any noticeable benefit have been discarded. Having performed the rituals in this book countless times, I have been able to perfect the formula whereby the magician may attain knowledge and power beyond description. Rituals dealing with the invocation of spirits of the dead and resurrection of corpses as well as magical seals, charms, and spells have been omitted from this book in order to avoid such things being used foolishly by those who have no interest in magic beyond the acquisition of wealth and the satisfaction of vain ambitions. If you desire it the spirits will reveal to you all manner of sorceries whereby you may attain that which you desire. This book provides the key to crossing the Gates of Hell and becoming one with the Forces of Darkness. Rather than give you spells, charms, and seals for material benefit, this book provides you with the means to aquire these things yourself.

Initial to performing these rituals, you must take a "Bath of Purification", a bath in salt water. The reason for this is that salt is a universal purgant. Taking a bath in salt water will remove any psychic influence, either "positive" or "negative". This will remove any curse or blessing and temporarily eliminate the presence of any spirit or demon. Fill your bath with hot water, throw a cup of rock salt into the bath, and then enter into the water. You must submerge your entire body in the water to ensure that all psychic influence is removed from you. Once done, you will be in a "neutral" starting position from which to begin these rites. It is important that you only do this once, preliminary to performing these rites. If you take another "Bath of Purification" later you will have to start the rituals over again.

On the same day that you take a "Bath of Purification", you must also wash the sheets and blankets from your bed, wash your clothes, and clean your ritual chamber and sleeping chamber. Quitting the bath, you must dry yourself with a clean towel and put on clean clothes. This initial process of "Consecration" is in accordance with all of the ancient grimoires involving ceremonial magic or the invocation of spirits. You must avoid, however, the temptation of becoming fanatical at this point concerning cleanliness. According to the Book of Leviticus, "if you touch anything that is unclean, sit upon anything that is unclean, or eat anything that is unclean you will become unclean." It is not absolute purity which is required but simply a washing off of external vibrations which may negatively influence these rites.

The question of whether or not anything is every really "clean" is an interesting one to consider. The moment you step out of the bath, psychic influences will begin to attach themselves to you. If you are psychically attunes, you may be more aware than usual of these influences. Any "guardian" spirits or intelligence’s you have acquired will be outside your bath awaiting your return. You may ask, what then is the point of the "Bath of Consecration"? External influences may never be completely neutralized, however, many influences will be eliminated, including those unwanted influences which are prone to hinder the operation of your rituals. The bath also serves as a separation between your old life and new life. As a new born infant emerges from the fluid of the womb to a new life, so will you emerge from the waters of Leviathan to be reborn in the image of Satan.

These rites do not require an altar, sword, dagger, bell, gong, robe, wand, or any other ritual implement. Although not essential to these rites, you may choose to burn candles and incense. If this is done, only black candles should be used. Any "dark" or "evil" incense may be used in these rituals but I recommend patchouli (graveyard dust). You will require a piece of paper, a pen, and a plate on which to place the burning parchment on the night you burn the pact giving your body, mind, and soul to Lucifer. You will also require a bowl of water on the night you perform the baptism (this is "unholy" water). You will further require a small jar of oil for your anointing on the night you receive your ordination (this is "unholy" anointing oil.) You may use any glass or cup as a "chalice". You may use any liquid as an "elixir" (I have often used coffee rather than liquor since coffee is a stimulant which I found enhances the work more than alcohol.) You may wear any clothing if you do not have a robe, although you may prefer to dress in black.

Each ritual builds upon the previous rituals. Each alignment you make requires that previous alignments have been made. Each gate you cross requires that previous gates have been crossed. You must perform these rites in the order they are presented and you must not perform them outside of the context in which they are here given. If you are an experienced sorcerer, you may choose to perform one ritual each night, i.e.. "Renunciation & Proclamation" on the first night, "Lord’s Prayer backwards" on the second night, "Pact giving body, mind, & soul" on the third night, etc. If you are less experienced, you may find it more beneficial to spend an entire lunar month crossing each gate and forming each alignment. If you cannot perform a ritual on a particular night, then continue where you left off on the following night. This is not a ritual which is performed within a ritual chamber for a determined length of time, but rather a magical operation which will take months, even years, to complete. You may, therefore, choose to begin these rites on a night of special magical significance such as Walpergisnaught (April 30) or Halloween (October 31). Or you may simply choose to begin around the full moon or the new moon.

The rituals can take any form you choose. It is not essential to shut out all outside light sources unless you are prone to distraction. You may adapt the rituals to your liking but they must be committed to memory. For this reason, I have left the invocations simple and repetitive. You will have no problem memorizing the invocations and can easily add your own embellishments when you enter the ritual chamber.