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Born on the first day of the week, you probably have an optomistic outlook on life. It is said that your luck, generally good, will be even better if you wear gold. Sunday is also lucky for people born under Leo.

Silver charms, especially crescents, will bring you luck if you were born on this day. You are likely to have an active imagination and people find you attractive.

You'll find luck in wearing red if you were born on a Tuesday. You are enthusiastic about life and have a great influence over others. People born under Aries or Scorpio find this day especially lucky.

If you were born in the middle of the week, blue is your lucky colour and jewelry with blue stones should always be set in silver. You get along extremely well with all kinds of people. If your birthday is in Aquarius, Gemini or Virgo, Wednesday is your lucky day.

A Thursday baby will grow up with an overpowering love of travel and the adventure of discovering new places. When you go, be sure to wear a charm representing an ankh or a cross of some kind for good luck on your journey. This day is lucky for people born in Sagittarius.

If you were born on this day, you'll be very lucky in love. Diamonds are your best friend and they bring you luck in everything you do. Friday is the luckiest of all days, especially for people born under Cancer, Libra, Pisces and Taurus.

You are likely a workaholic if you were born on this day, but you don't mind. You know hard work pays off. You can increase your luck by wearing a charm in the form of an hourglass. Unlikely as it may seen, you'll find wearing a gold watch a luck-bringer. It is a lucky day for Capricorns.