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Marat, Marina and
Angela Akbarov
We have been involved in the amateur and professional field of figure skating for thirty years.
All this time we have known each other from childhood.We used to skate in The National Figure Skating Team and competed with different partners against each other in the World, European and National championships pairs competitions.
When we ended our amateur career we decided to get married and skate together in professional shows.

In 1986 we gave birth to our lovely daughter Angela.She is a most wonderfull part of our life, filling our lives with love.

We graduated from the Moscow Central Institute of Physical Culture with a degree in Physical Culture specialized in Figure Skating. We believe our level of expertise indicates that we are of the few who have risen to the top of our field sustaining national and international acclaim in the figure skating field.

Marina Pestova &
Marat Akbarov In The Bluebird Pas de Deux