(in english: there is no God, but God, and Muhamed (peace be upon him) is the messanger of God)
(in english: "there is no God, but God, and Muhamed (peace be upon him) is the messanger of God")

Alhumdillah (praise be to allah) my islamic section has grown a considerable amount.
instead of just displaying information to the reader, i have decided to group the "islamic" pages by a "contents".
you could consider this page to be serving as the "Contents".

Well here is the introduction, ...
this topic generates many debates and most get very emotional on this topic.
if you are the type to argue or contemplate what i put up, please do not bother contacting me.
If you would like to learn more about islam then please contact me, or goto your local library and check out a translation of the koran.
i urge you to do this. And don't read it like a "normal book". read it like a intense novel. read the same pages over and over again..

below are a few links which i found pretty interesting and i encourage you to look into these as well. for surely "allah has put signs in the souls of mankind". And it is "Man's Nature" to be "Good".

there are a lot of sites which contain "good" information on the net, but the one which i can comfortably recommend is

this site keeps "opinions" at an all time low, and the section on science it just "Factual" Information.
some of the authors are from many prestigious academia institutions (ala`: they know more than you and what you learnt in your "religion" class.
some of them have phd's in physics, human embryology, astronomy...).

by the way; if you are a non-muslim; the first thing i want you to do is forget about everything you have
heard about islam from most "muslims" and what the media has told you.

here are some links which i found to be very interesting.

This Section is on stuff i have scanned in for the "People". I am sure many of you will this stuff interesting.
the scans are from the holy koran it self.
and remember, when you are reading through these..
we don't read like you do, read from right to left. if you are confused, just follow the numberings.
btw. there are no "Opionions" here. this is "Straight" from the holy koran it self
this is what we muslims believe and what is in the koran...

Just some sections of the koran which "Describe" in "Detail" about the coming and nearing of the day of judgment.
may we be under allah subanawatallah's shade on this day.
for that will be the _ONLY_ shade from the hell fire on that day.

these are the very words of allah him self.

read this like a good paragraph in your favorite book.
read it once, then again, then again, then again.
then you will say, "wow, that is deep."

may Allah forgive me if i have made any mistakes.
oh allah, please have mercy on us muslims on the day of judgement.