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Summer 2000

Summer 2000


Dear Coach/Trainer


I would like to introduce myself. My name is Lynda James , and I have spent many years in the horse business here in Northern Alberta as a stable owner, riding instructor and trainer. I am now specializing only in sales.


Together with two excellent young riders and trainers, Stephen Forbes and Cara Scheiwe, we are offering for sale well started, reasonably priced young warmbloods, warmblood crosses and ponies that would be suitable for entering the sporthorse market in hunter, jumper and dressage.


All horses offered for sale will be in good health, sound, have had their teeth checked, have current vaccinations and will have been regularly dewormed. The amount of training on each horse will be fairly stated. All horses are being regularly ridden and are in on-going training.


All of you, I am sure, have clients looking for horses, or you may be looking for something yourself to put more training into for eventual resale. Our target market is the junior rider and amateur adult rider looking for reasonably priced young horses that are ready to enter their designated field. At times we also have more experienced horses for sale. More than one third of the horses in Canada are found in Alberta, so if you are looking for something specific within the sporthorse field, please let us know, and we will endeavor to find it for you- we have excellent contacts with warmblood and pony breeders.


We enclose a portfolio of horses that we have currently available, and we will update this at regular intervals - please call or email us if you wish to remain on our mailing list. We are in the process of creating videos of each horse, which will soon be available.


For trainers buying horses on behalf of their clients we are prepared to pay a commission on a successful sale. All horses are open to reasonable offers. We can arrange transportation to your destination if required.


Looking forward to doing business with you!


Yours truly,




Lynda James

Phone: 780-967-2889

Fax: 780-967-2889

Email: gunlyn@