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Middle Eastern foods are not only exotic in appearance but also in taste. Some foods are spicy and some sweet, and others are a mixture of flavors. Each dish resembles the ethnic sense of that particular country. Try making some dishes yourself, they are not hard to do and you will experience great tastes from around the globe. If you want me to include recipes from a country that is not listed, just e-mail me and I would be happy to do so. =)

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  • Afghan Cooking - Afghan recipes adapted to the western kitchen.
  • Afghan Food and Recipe - Twenty recipes from the Afghan Cultural Information Center.
  • Afghan Recipes - Eight recipes, including several kebabs.
  • Afghanistan Today - Features food section with colour photographs of dishes.
  • Afghan Recipes - More than fifty recipes, including kebab, kofta, korma, pappardelle and pilau.
  • Perfect Food from Middle Asia - Afghan Noodle Soup with Meatballs, Yogurt and Mint.
  • Afghan Recipes - Ten recipes.
  • SOAR: Afghan Recipes - Four recipes.
    •, Indian Recipes - Over 800 recipes from this South Asian nation.
    • The Balti Files - An index of recipes from this regional Indian cuisine
    • Bawarchi - Your Indian Cook - A very nice collection of recipes, and cooking tips.
    • Big Boys Curry Book - Information about Indian food, ingredients and recipes.
    • Parsi Cuisine and Recipes - These are Original Recipes of the Parsi way of cooking in India. The Zoroastrian(also known as Zarathushti) community is a thriving community. The Zoroastrian Parsis or Parsees (Old Persian Parsa, "Persia"), followers of the ancient Persian religion known as Zoroastrianism, are spread out all over the Globe.
    • Cuisine of India - Non-vegetarian Indian recipes, mostly chicken and lamb; dessserts; vegetarian recipes.
    • Curry Club Recipes - Collection of typical Indian dishes.
    • Curry Holics - Create those wonderful Indian curries in your own home with this step by step guide to building your own tandoor. Also a curryholics guide to chilli ratings.
    • The Curry House - David Smith's Curry House contains lots of recipes for delicious Indian meals, a chili FAQ & tips page, details about the UK curry scene and restaurant reviews for the UK.
    • Curry Karma - More than just curry, this site is devoted to delicious Indian recipes. Add your own recipes, links and search feature.
    • Death By Curry - The ultimate database of curry recipes. Interesting curries and glossary to help non-Indians.
    • Delicious Food and Recipes - India - Food items and recipes of Indian and ethnic gourmet foods. Collection of links to all food related sites about India.
    • Gourmet Cooking with Jiggs Kalra - Indian Gourmet cooking with Jiggs Kalra, a new recipe every week.
    • Gourmet Indian Cuisine Made Easy - Easy recipes for traditional Indian cuisine. A fun site to get started with Indian cooking.

  • ArabNet -- Lebanon, Culture, Food and Drink - Description of Lebanese cuisine and dishes.
  • Arielle's Recipe Archives: Lebanese - Lebanese recipes collected from usenet groups.
  • Food from the Arab World - Arab recipes, though most recipes come from Lebanon (Lebanese).
  • Lebanese Recipes - Falafel, Hummus, Fattouche, Lahme be Ajin , Khuyar wa Laban (Cucumbers and Youghurt), and Kibbi Nayye.
  • Lebanese Recipes collected by Abdallah - Recipes and a description of Lebanese cuisine.
  • Lebanon: The Jewel of the Middle East - Descrption of Lebanese food and ingredients as well as a couple of recipes.
  • Lebmania Recipes - Very nice site with Lebanese recipe collections.
  • Sito's Secrets: Classic Lebanese Recipes - Traditional Lebanese recipes.
  • SOAR's Lebanese Recipes - Collection of traditional Lebanese recipes including recipes for: Mjaddra(lentils With Rice), Spicy Sauteed Shrimp, Tabbouleh(lebanese Style), Tabouli, and Tahini-taratour (sesame Seed Sauce).
  • soc.culture.lebanon FAQ, part 4/5 - Lebanese recipes mainly in English but also in French.

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