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The old site here at Angelfire still includes some pages not rewritten or transferred.
Some pages may have useful or interesting information, so rather than delete the old site I have left the following list of the remaining pages.

Latest News

Class-B Audio Amplifier with Feedforward Output Stage
An Improved Class-B Amplifier Design.
Distortion Measurenent for Improved Class-B

Improved Class-B New Version-Origin.
Improved Class-B. New Version 2004
Test Results-Feedforward Class-B 2nd Version
Simulation Results-Improved Class-B 2nd Version
Board Layout. Class-B Feedforward 2nd version.

Construction of MJR6
Amplifier Construction. MJR6 In Case.
Music Test Results
A Simple Test Method
Initial Test Results MJR6
Improved Distortion Tests MJR6
Stabilisation. MJR6
Components. MJR6

MJR7 Mosfet Power Amplifier
Mosfet Amplifier Part2
Photos MJR7
Stability Tests MJR7
MJR-7-Mk2 Mosfet Audio Amplifier
Output Inductor Problems
MJR7 Design Notes 1
Inverting Amplifier Feedback

MJR7-Mk3 Mosfet Audio Amplifier
Building the MJR7-Mk3. Part1
MJR7-Mk3 Parts List
MJR7-Mk3 Setup and Testing
Building the MJR7-Mk3 Photos

The MJR7-Mk4
MJR7-Mk4 Layout
MJR7-Mk4 Parts List
MJR7-Mk4 Harmonic Distortion
MJR7-Mk4 Supply Rejection and Crosstalk

MJR7-Mk5 Mosfet Power Amplifier
MJR7-Mk5 Test Results
MJR7-MK5 Board Layout
Building The MJR7-Mk5 Photos
MJR7-Mk5 Parts List
MJR7-Mk5 Setup and Testing

MJR9 Mosfet Amplifier With Feedforward
MJR8 Mosfet Audio Power Amplifier
MJR-DC9 Mosfet Audio Power Amplifier

Headphone Amplifier Design
Headphone Amplifier Design Part 2

A Low Cost Speaker Project
A Distributed Port Speaker

Untried and Abandoned Versions
Class-AB Improvement
More Amplifier Output Stage Variations

Distortion Measurement Method

Effect of Feedback On Harmonic Levels
Nested Loops and Error Feedback
Input Stage Distortion
Frequency Compensation. Optimisation
Measuring Capacitor Distortion
Common-Mode Distortion
Feedback Works Part 1
Feedback Works Part 2
Feedback Works Part 3
Introduction To Feedforward
Slew Rate and TID
TID Part 2
Distortion: How Low Can You Go?
Distortion Measurement
Local Feedback
Earth Loops
Phase Intermodulation
PIM Calculation
Input Stage Gain Variations for PIM Calculation
How Much Power Do You Need?
High Frequency Compensation
Square Wave Testing
Overload and Short Circuit Protection
Temperature Compensated SOA Protection
Open Loop Distortion
High Feedback Example

Reflections On a Transmission Line
Conduction In Metals
Cable Impedance
Grain Boundary Structure
Copper Wire Grades
Skin Depth

Power Field Effect Transistor Amplifier
Amplifier Design Notes No.1
Design Notes No.2
Bridge Amplifiers
Design Notes 5, Safe Operating Area
Parallel Amplifiers
Adding Distortion
IC Power Amplifier Design Idea
Document Index
Amplifier Distortion
Photos. Older Designs
Quad 303 Modifications
Listening Tests
Comments and Criticisms
Shockwave Flash Demo
Designing Index