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Dearest Brian,

When I did first see your little message in the chat room, I don't know why, but I just have had that strange feeling how I want to message you. Honestly, I wanted to talk with somebody cause my day was pretty bad and your message there did sound so nice to me so, I kind of " picked you out " :) Well.. let's say how, the first 4 times and 2 days, I did not have luck cause you never answered on my messages so, I thought, I will not message you anymore.

But then, next day I came back on chat and looking around for a while, I saw your message still was there. ( Well.. I said to myself that I will not message you anymore after these 4 times so I was just sitting there, in the front of my computer, looking on what are other people talking about )

Then, I decided I will leave cause I needed to finish some things around the house before I go to my work but, before I left I anyway went to send you a message for one last time :) I did not expect your answer and I left to the kitchen but when I came back I hade an answer that really surprised me so I just said something like " Oh well.. where have you been! " :) ( It was a question for you :) ) Then we started to talk ( and talk and talk...... ) and I did never finish my work around the house that day :) so I was a little mad at myself after.

I did just answer on your mail that you did send to me while we were talking and I left for work. In that mail you did say to me how you hope that we will talk more in the future what I did want too but, of course, did not believe that you will contact me again cause it is only a computer and people are saying and doing everything possible over it today. But that night, when I came back home, I did have another e-mail from you, this time, with your picture and it was a very nice surprise for me. Also to see who am I talking too. What was I thinking about the picture you do know :)

I did want to send you my picture also but I could not and when you did tell me that you will give me your address so I can send it to you and you will scan it for me, I thought, ok...

I did send you my picture and, at that time, I did not pay much attention at which picture I am sending cause I was sending it to you as to a friend.

But, we did continue to talk, every day and every night, staying up so late, talking about so many things that I did never talk with anybody else and, just for that short time, I felt as I do know you already. As we have been friends for a long itme.
I was so happy having you around for a friend but by that time, I knew that I do like you. Not just as a friend but as a man too and I was affraid of that. I found myself going to work and thinking about you. Then coming home from work and loging on to the computer made me feel as I am coming back to you after a long day. I would look for your nickname ( BOFH ) and when I would see it I would be so happy.

Then, one day, when we were talking, you did say to me that you do like me after what I did not know should I tell you that I do like you too or should I just keep it for myself. But I could not. I liked you and I wanted you to know.
Well.. it was then when I did find myself thinking about that picture I did send you and, suddenly I wanted so badly for you to like the way I look :) I was all the time thinking " Will he like me when he sees my picture? " " I hope he will " And your first phone call to me on May 25. 1999 I will never forget that :)

Well.. to make a long story short :) You make me happy. You make me feel the way I did never feel before and maybe I am not suppose to tell you that but I do not want to hide it eather. I miss you so much every day and after 1 year of only talking, my feelings for you are just stronger. And I wish so much I can show it to you...

From Your Far Away Girl :)

This Is A " Funny " Meaning Of My Name I Gat Not So Long Ago :)


Root: Melanesia
Origin: Greek
Meaning: " Dark clothced " ( I don't like to wear dark clothes :) )

Majestic: a peerless leader of others
Personality: a thinker of harmonious thoughts
Genuine: she is sincere and loyal
Style: clever in the ways of the world
Ability: will accomplish much and make it look easy
Character: she weathers life's storms
Sentiment: one whose imagination is boundless
Physical: constantly chooses the best course

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