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Horse Rescue & Adoption Links

Rescue & Adoption Links Unfortunately, there are horses all over the world that are being abandoned, abused, and slaughtered. Here are some links you can visit and help make a difference. Some are rescue agencies, some are adoption agencies, and some are made just to get the info out there on how you can help. If you run, or know of any sites that help save these poor horses, email me with the URL, an email addy, or snail mail addy. Anything will make a difference. Also, please take one (or more) of these ribbons, buttons, banners etc... and put them on your site. Show the world you are against cruelty of horses.


Colorado Horse Rescue

Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation

BLM Adoption


Standardbred Retirement Foundation

PMU Babies

Horse Haven

Horse Welfare Org

Habitat For Horses

Equine Placement Network

Equine Rescue League, INC

Wind Ridge Farm Equine Sanctuary's

Hurricane Bay

The Exceller Fund to Rescue Horses

Lone Star Equine Rescue

Horse Welfare

Save the Horses

Follow the battle to stop slaughter!

Witch Trot Farms

Buy/rescue your next horse!

Ipswich Equine Rescue

See how you can help support rescued horses


Save a horse from slaughter

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This year more than 125,000 U.S. horses will be killed for the lucrative export of meat to Europe and Japan. At the New Holland Auction, in the heart of Pennsylvania farm country, an average of 275 horses a week go off with meat buyers. "People need to know. If you send a horse to the auction, those guys sitting in the front row aren't buying for a pleasure ranch," says Marc Paulhus, director of Equine Protection for the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). "Purebred horses plunged to a fraction of the paper value", says Paulhus. "Arabians who had quadrupled in price, or in some cases soared to 10 times their initial value to a paper value of $100,000, were slaughtered." "We don't eat our dogs. We don't eat our cats. We don't eat our horses", says Cathleen Doyle of the California Equine Council. All the horses saved by rescue groups and sanctuaries combined don't add up to 1 percent of this nation's discarded horses. We must raise public awareness as to why so many horses suffer such an undeserved fate. If you are lucky enough to be responsible for such a noble creature, make a promise to never lose track of what becomes of your horse. You have the responsibility of ensuring that your horse has a humane life, and ultimately, a peaceful death with dignity.

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