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A Mentalistic Eliminativism Approach to the Mind-Brain Controversy

Gibran Shah

I have a theory that explains (to me) the link between mind and brain. It has always been a mystery to mankind how a mind could be derived from something so barren of mental experience as the physical matter that makes up the brain. There was a brief period in the middle of our century when this philosophical controversy was thought to be resolved. Those who know what I’m talking about know it by the name “materialistic eliminitavism” which basically comes down to that common notion that anything you feel, anything you think, your rudimentary sense of self, is no more than a physical operation in your brain. Emotions are just hormones, your senses are just electrical signals, your consciousness is just the stirring of a neuron. If you find this conceptually agonizing, I feel your pain. This is why I would like to offer my own theory on the matter, a mentalistic eliminitavism. To read my theory, just click the link below. If it interests you, you might want to read some related papers I wrote (below), but I strongly recommend you read the first paper before anything else. At the bottom, you will find my e-mail address. Go ahead and write to me to tell me what you think: any comments, disagreements, anything to add (please, no rude commentary). Let me know if you are willing to let me add your comments to a comments/replies page that I plan to add sometime in the future (and name, e-mail address, anything else you want). Thanks. Hope you enjoy.

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