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Third Match: Una-Bomber vs. Sevvyn (Ladder match)

"Spit It Out" by SlipKnoT come on over the speaker then Una-Bomber walks out from backstage. He has a ladder in his hand. He walks down to the ring and slides the ladder into the ring, then Una-Bomber slides in after. Una-Bomber holds the ladder in his hands when "Shut em' down" by LL Cool J comes on. Sevvyn comes out from backstage and walks down the ramp and stops outside of the ring. Sevvyn flicks Una-Bomber off and then the bell rings. Una-Bomber throws down the ladder then slides under the bottom rope. Una-Bomber begins hitting Sevvyn in his head. Sevvyn blocks one of the punches and kicks Una-Bomber in the stomach. Sevvyn then hits a strong DDT.
Fourth Match:
Rackoth (c) vs. Inferno (For the North American title)

"Surfacing" by SlipKnoT comes on over the P.A. system. Rackoth walks out slowly. He walks down to the ring and walks up the steps. He ducks under the top rope and gets into the middle of the ring. Then "Fire" by Scooter comes on and Inferno runs down the ramp and slides into the ring. They start throwing punches at each other and the bell rings. Rackoth catches one of the punches thrown at him and throws Inferno to the ropes. He bounces off and Rackoth hits a very powerful Clothesline From Hell. Rackoth covers Inferno but only gets a 1 count. Both of them get up and Inferno tries to kick Rackoth but Rackoth catches his foot and delivers a low blow. Inferno falls over and Rackoth goes for another pin. This time he gets a 2 count. Rackoth gets to his feet and hits a elbow drop onto Infernos face. Inferno holds his face and slowly gets to his feet. Inferno lets go of his face and gets a Fire Ball (Spear) on Rackoth. They both get to their feet and begin to throw punches at each other. Inferno throws a real powerfull punch and knockes Rackoth to the mat. Inferno lifts Rackoth to his feet and delivers a DDT on Rackoth. Inferno then starts kicking Rackoth in the back when "Liberate" by SlipKnoT comes on. Bizmark runs to the ring and Super Kicks Inferno in the face then delivers a Bizmark Bomb on Inferno. Bizmark gets outside of the ring and grabs the PWO North American title and runs backstage with it! Rackoth gets up then picks Inferno up. Rackoth then gives Inferno a Death Drop. The bell rings for the end of the match.

Winner: No contest

After the match Inferno leaves to the backstage area. Rackoth picks up a microphone and says "I'm tired of getting cheated out of titles." "I quit this damn federation!" Rackoth throws the mic down and walks backstage.

Fifth Match:
Sic (c) vs. Lynx (For the PWO HaRdCoRe title)

"Sic" by SlipKnoT hits the arena and Sic walks out from backstage with a dumpster full of weapons. He pushes down outside of the ring. He reaches in and pulls out a bat wrapped in barbed wire. He holds it up in the air and the crowd cheers him on. He gets in the ring and holds his bat ready to swing. "Bad touch" by the blood hound gang comes on and Lynx walks out with no weapon. She makes her way down the ramp and slides into the ring. The bell rings and Sic charges at Lynx and hits her upside her head. Sic picks her up and plants a strong DDT on her. Sic goes for a quick cover but only pulls a 2 count. They both get to their feet and Sic kicks her in her face. She falls back and Sic spears her making her flip over the top rope and fall to the concrete. Sic gets out of the ring and reaches in his dumpster and pulls out a half of a broken table. He then starts hitting Lynx in her back. Lynx tries to get up but Sic hits her in the back of her head with the half of a table. She falls back down and Sic lays the piece of table on the back of her head. Sic climbs up to the side of the ring and gets on the top turnbuckle.He then pulls off a moonsault onto her head! The piece of the table snaps and a little piece gets stuck in he shoulder. Sic pins her but Sic gets off of her at 2. Sic goes back to the dumpster and reaches in and pulls out a giant sheet of glass! Sic lays it down next to Lynx and lifts Lynx to her feet. Lynx just stands dazed. Sic picks up the sheet of glass and smashes it over her head! She falls to the ground unconscious. Sic grabs a hold around her and lifts her over his head. He then delivers a Reverse Death Vally Driver onto the concrete! Sic raises his hands in the air to get the crowd going. It works and the crowd goes nuts. Sic picks her up and sets her on his shoulder. He puts her in the ring and Sic gets in also. Sic then lifts her up and sets her onto the top turnbuckle. Sic climbs up their with her and delivers The Remedy and to the outside of the ring! Sic covers and gets the three count to retain his title.

Winner: Sic via pinfall to hold the PWO HaRdCoRe title

EMTs rush to Lynx and put a neck bracer on her neck. They put her on a stretcher and take her to the backstage area. They put take her to the aid room and take and X-Ray. The results of the X-Ray were she broke her neck and fractured her skull. We don't think she will be returning to the PWO. That is all for tonight. We will see you on Tuesday.