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Core Designs: Gift Shop & Art Gallery

About The Gift Shop & Art Gallery.

A local artisan from the Peterborough area has initiated their dream of operating his own art gallery. This talented artist has recently compiled a collection of diverse arts and crafts representative of the many different cultural backgrounds found in the city of Peterborough. Their unique creations reflect a diverse use of mediums, such as; paint, ceramic tile, unique leather crafts, photography, souvenirs, wood and clay products. This artist as well as a few close friends has shared equally the necessary time and effort, with the limited available resources to create an amiable space of welcoming comfort for its future clientele.
This expressive effort is bonded in trust, as these artisans take it upon themselves to perform the required work in making this dream a reality. In this way, it can be considered a wholistic event to bring unity amongst cultures, in reaching towards their common goal of sharing and displaying their many talents and gifts.
The art gallery's upper deck setting atop the Peterborough Marina Pavilion in Del Crary Park, will be a welcoming addition for the numerous out of province visitors to the Peterborough area. Not only is the view marvelous on sun-setting summer evenings, it can be spectacular, as visitors watch the fireworks display from the lakeside at the conclusion of the many "Festival of Lights" concerts scheduled every Wednesday and Saturday evenings.
Visitors will be encouraged to view the numerous handcrafted gifts, one-of-a-kind weaved baskets, sculpted wood and soapstone products, photography, as well, the breath-taking paintings and portraits displayed by these local artisans. The Core Designs Gift Shop/Art Gallery should be a welcomed site to the community as the entrepreneur spirit is immensely encouraged by many businesses of Peterborough. With continued citizen support, individuals are inspired to follow their dreams and aspirations in reaching their goals, therefore, encouraging younger artisans to take the initiative and follow their ambitions.


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