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Aanii, Tansi, Hi Everybody,
I hail from the Dokis First Nation community (Ojibway)in the Lake Nipissing district and my name is Robert.

My first venture into designing these unique crafts was over twenty years ago. It began as a hobby in expressing my creativity and spiritual beliefs. I initially made these creations as offered gifts to Elders and friends, but I soon received requests from others who wanted to buy my one-of-a-kind customized pieces. This has led me to distribute and display my specialized items to the general public in several local stores in the Peterborough area, Canada. Some of the customized dreamcatchers I have made recently are displayed in various overseas countries such as Japan, Netherlands and Germany. I have now created this web page for others to view my work, as well as, purchase my products. I look forward to hearing your comments in my guestbook and of course, contact to discuss your various requests in fulfilling your order .....Miigwetch!

"My crafts are my creations of art, and all include an Aboriginal Legend, teaching or positive aspect to the animal totem that it may display. These creations are genuine in design and are inspirational to those of us who follow our dreams."

For further information please don't hesitate to contact me.

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