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A Story On Babification - Part 4

By NaughtyLittleGirl

As you might remember, Jessica and I had been foiled in our attempt to escape from Sarah's clutches. Our note on a balloon had flown to the baby loving neighbor who being the good friend that she was, returned it. And we got busted for it.

Sarah promptly rewarded me with the firmest spanking I had ever had in my life. She put me over her knee, held me down and spanked my bare butt. It went on for ages!! Oh the pain was terrible... I begged for her to stop but she was relentless. Jessica got a similar treatment. I was in the play pen in our room, trying to not sit on my bum when I heard her screaming in pain. After ten minutes or so, she was returned, her hair matted and her face wet with tears.

She also stayed off her butt, opting for lying down on her belly. I did likewise but found no satisfaction. Remarkably, Sarah did up our mittens again, and locked the door to the room, but nothing more. For ages it was that way until we heard her car pull up. Wow! We hadnt even heard that she had gone out. Because our play pen had a barred roof on it, we couldnt stand up to see what was going on in the yard. A shame really, cos something was definitely up. We listened hard and it sounded like someone was fighting.

Jessica looked at me and we just shrugged. Maybe Sarah was just doing exercises on the lawn.. I dont know. But we soon changed our minds when Sarah unlocked the door and left it open. She came back with a pile of metal things and a small matress. From our pen, we watched as she moved Jessicas cot down a bit toward the window and then assembled a third one. It was the same configuration as ours, complete with straps, lockable walls and a disgustingly cute animal print on the headboard.

She didnt even look at us while she worked. I suppose cos she was in a rush. But for what? Then we found out. We heard a muffled scream from the lounge, and heard Sarah utter a curse under her breath. What was going on???

After Sarah had assembled the new cot, she walked out quickly and came back dragging another young girl! She was about 14, dressed like us, with baby clothes, bulging nappy and a dummy strapped in and she was wearing a baby straitjacket. Sarah (remarkably) hoisted the girl over her shoulders and dumper her in the cot. The girl fought ferociously, screeching and thrashing so much as to make Sarah grunt as she fought to control her. We noticed that Sarah had taken the time to tie the girls legs together with some light cord and this helped Sarah avoid being kicked in the head.

Withing minutes the girl was panting hard, strapped down, jacket and all and Sarah had left, muttering a pleased.. "humphh." under her breath. As soon as the door was closed and locked, we came as close as we could to the cot and struck up an animated, if not hindered conversation. With great difficulty, we found that this girl was the daughter of one of Mrs Dibbs friends. She was being held here where there was more facilities, because her parents were going on holiday for a couple of months.

Jessica looked at me and I looked right back with a simple look. We knew that line. We told her that her parents werent coming back and we told our story. We had to keep repeating ourselves but I think we did it. One bad thing is that the girl, whom we found was called Amanda, couldnt lift her head to see our vague attempts at sign language to help our point. So she just had to try and talk with us.
It took all of 30 minutes to make ourselves known to each other. She told us her story. She was a 14 year old netball player and student from the town of Clarence, about 400 miles south of us. She had been alerted to the holiday when her parents left the tickets on the table. Seeing only two, she inquired and was told to mind her own business, well not in those words but you know what I mean. She thought this was strange but even more so, she saw that her clothes began to disappear. This happened gradually but she found out, when she went for a new pair of panties and there was none.

She told her mum and her mum said not to worry. You wont be needing them soon enough. By now Amanda had had enough and demanded to know what was going on. Her mom called her dad in and together they jumped her. She was forced to the ground and a cloth with some wierd smelling stuff was put over her nose and mouth. The next thing she remembered was being in a small car driving with some lady she had never seen before. She found that she was strapped in to her seat, and that her arms and torso were in a straitjacket. This worried her greatly, cos she thought she had been kidnapped, but the lady saw she was awake and began to explain to her what was going on.

When she got to the point about how they were going to look after her as a baby, she freaked and started to thrash around. This did no good, but it did wear her out. She eventually fell asleep and only later, found herself being dragged out of the car and taken to a large house. After being dumped in the lounge, she was left alone and discovered to her horror, that she was in a full baby romper, complete with diaper, and that she had wet herself. Then the lady, who she now knew as Sarah, took her in here and now we got to our present point in time.

We now knew we had an ally against Sarah and Rose. And also for the first time. We outnumbered them. If we could just get loose of our restraints, we could over power them and get away. But for now, we were helpless. Jessica looked at me as if to confirm that, but then her look changed to one of shy shame. I knew what was going on in her nappy. She was wetting herself and couldnt help it.

Almost as if she knew, Sarah came in then to check on us. Seeing that we were still in our pen, and that Amanda was still strapped down seemed to relieve her greatly. She stuck a hand down Amandas nappy to check it, and found it to be dry. Then she did it to me, at the same time, touching my penis. This sickened me and I pulled away. Sarah just laughed, calling me a shy boy. Finally she checked Jessica, and found it to be wet. I saw a look pass over Jessicas face as Sarah obviously touched her, but Jessica repayed her by peeing on her hand. Sarah freaked and whipped her hand out.

"Thats it you little sod!" She yelled at Jessica.

She unlocked the pen and took Jessica forcibly out, relocking the pen. Not noticing my little move. Jessica was dragged kicking and screaming out of the room and I heard no more. Now about my move. While Sarah had been messing with Jessica, I had stuck a piece of crayon into the lock hole of the playpen's roof. I waited and then pushed the pen lid open, cos it couldnt lock even though it sounded as if it had, and I crept over to Amanda.

Crouching by her cot, I waited, holding my breath. Suddenly, I heard Sarah's thumping feet coming close and as fast I have ever moved in my life, I leapt into the cot and pulled the lid down. Just in time too. Not two seconds after I was in, she entered, and went to the cupboard. To annoy her, I grabbed a tin cup and started rattling it back and forward on the bars. I saw her feature tighten somewhat, but she didnt react. She just grabbed a pile of sheets, two rubber sheets and several large nappy pins. With that she left and I saw no more of her.

Once again, I crept out of my pen and went over to amanda. I was able to reach under her back and undo the straps on her jacket. This made escape a possibility. I was also able to undo one of her wrist straps. But then I heard footsteps coming. I tried to get back in the cot, but my crayon had been crushed and it was locked tight. Thinking quickly I rushed over to Amanda, pulled a cover over her undone wrist strap and told her to shut up and act asleep. Then I threw myself into the corner and quickly pulled the nappies off the shelf above me and tried to hide.

As I expected, it didnt work and then it came...

"DAMMIT! You are for it now you naughty baby!!"

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