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A Story On Babification - Part 2

By NaughtyLittleGirl

I originally was only going to write the main story. But it is obvious that people want me to continue, so I will write further chapters, each with an individual story line, but not veering off from the main story plot of Jessica and David's predicament with diapers.

****************** Story Starts *********************

Hello again, this is baby David. I guess you have read my first story or you might not be interested in reading further about Me and Jessica's adventures. Recapping briefly, Jessica and I came to stay at Aunty Rose's house whilst our parents were in Canada on holiday. We played a nasty trick on Sarah, our newly discovered cousin, involving panties and yeast! We didn't get caught for that but we were set up when Aunty Rose put laxatives in a drink she gave us. This made us wet ourselves because Sarah was in the loo right when we needed to go. (Really DESPERATELY!!!) So we wet our pants, Aunty Rose found out and put us in diapers. Then she put us in cots, strapped us down and now we are faced with months of baby treatment, because Aunty Rose said our parents had planned this right from the beginning!

So here we are, in the playpen inside the baby room. To stop Jessica and I getting out, there is a plastic chain with an ankle ring attached, locked to each of us, at the ankle. The other end is padlocked to the bars of the playpen. Besides that, we still have our thickly padded mittens on. With these on we can't even pick up a baby block without using two hands! Jessica spent most of the night sobbing and whimpering. (You can't really cry out loud with a dummy strapped into your mouth) What really upset me, is that I couldn't even comfort her. I too had a dummy strapped into my mouth.

When morning came around, (after several nappy checks by Sarah throughout the night) we were unstrapped from our beds one at a time and taken into the kitchen. When it was my turn, I was led by the mitten into the kitchen area. There I saw Jessica sitting in a huge high-chair. She was strapped down at the waist, chest and by the wrists. There was a sort-of table tray at stomach level. On this tray, in a bowl was a disgusting, way sloppy version of Aunty Rose's porridge. The look on Jessica's face was almost identical to the one I had on my face.

Without a word, Sarah strapped me into the chair. I thought about fighting her off but the grip on my arm was her way of saying 'dont try it'. I didn't. Aunty Rose pulled up a chair and sat in front of Jessica. Sarah did the same and sat in front of me. Then began the most horrible ordeal I have ever had to endure. I took one taste of the porridge and spat it out."That's disgusting!" I yelled at Sarah.
"Mom! The baby won't eat his porridge!"
"Well open his mouth and stick it in." said Aunty Rose.

Sarah grabbed my chin and pulled my mouth open. Whilst it was open, she shoved a spoonful of the disgusting mush in and clamped my mouth shut with her hand. It tasted horrible! I fought as hard as I could against the wrist straps but they weren't made of the usual baby strap material. They were thick stitched leather and I couldn't budge them. Sarah started tickling my throat with the hand that was free and soon enough, an involuntary gulp sent the evil concoction straight to my belly. I asked her what was in it between spoonfuls. She said ordinary porridge with formula milk as the condiment. No wonder it tasted so gross! I looked over at Jessica and saw that Aunty Rose was progressing well. Jessica, try as she might, she couldn't stop Aunty Rose feeding her the porridge-muck. Neither could I. However, Jessica did manage to bite Aunty Rose's finger, reasonably hard. Aunty Rose screamed and ran for the sink. After checking the finger was okay, she unbuckled Jessica and dragged her by the arm to the baby room. I meanwhile was still being force- fed. I couldn't hear what was going on with Jessica but I didn't dare do anything that would earn me the same. I grudgingly swallowed the rest of the porridge down, dreaming of bacon and eggs.

I hoped Jessica was alright. I had already seen what Aunty Rose did when she as annoyed. I shuddered to think waht she would do when she was furious! However I found out shortly enough. Sarah made me clean out the bowl and upon finishing, I was unstrapped and led to the baby room. As I got closer I could here Jessica mumbling and moaning, obviously from behind a dummy. When I went in to the room, I got a shock!

Jessica was not sucking on a dummy. In fact, Aunty Rose had managed to strap a baby bottle in to her mouth. As well as that, Jessica was wearing a baby equivalent of a straitjacket all of this whilst hanging upside down! Her ankles were securely strapped in to stirrups suspended from the ceiling. She was thrashing around like anything! The bottle was filled with formula milk as I was told and it was pressurised, so even if Jessica didn't suck, the milk would still flow into her mouth. And she couldn't spit it out. I broke away from Sarah and ran over to Jessica. I tried to help her but I only was free for a few seconds. Aunty Rose and Sarah both grabbed me and hauled me back to the cot. Within seconds I was strapped down, unable to help Jessica who continued to mumble and writhe around. Aunty Rose looked at me and warned me that if I ever behave like Jessica did, A similar treatment would befall me! Then without a word, the two of them left, locking the door to the baby room behind them. I lifted my head enough to see that Jessica had stopped struggling. She was exhausted. I looked at her face and saw tears streaming down from her eyes. I desperately tried to get the straps off me and to my immense surprise, one of them gave way. In their haste, Aunty Rose and Sarah hadn't buckled the strap around my left wrist tightly enough. I wrenched my hand free from the leather circle and then realised I couldn't get out. The mittens! Damn them! With the dummy still in my mouth, I couldn't use my teeth to get the knots off. But maybe... What if I could hook the mitten on one of the screws holding the cot together. If I had an anchoring point, I might be able to pull the mitten off! Trying this proved moderately successful. I managed to withdraw my hand part of the way, but it got stuck at the widest part of my hand.

I could have screamed in frustration but with the dummy I was gagged and unable to. Jessica could see what I was trying to do and started mumbling encouragement. With Jessica egging me on, I mustered all my strength and pulled against the mitten. Slowly, slowly I could feel it giving, but it hurt! Then suddenly, my hand flew out of the mitten and I was free! It only took a few seconds for me to unstrap my right hand then I freed myself from all the restraints.

As soon as I was able to move, I started undoing the knots on the other mitten. It took a while but I got it. Oh what a relief! My hands felt as if I hadn't used them for ages, wait a second... I hadn't! I had had the mittens on for almost 24 hours. It didn't take long to hop out of the cot, because I couldn't undo the bars. I simply climbed over them. Immediately I headed for Jessica. It took me a few minutes to work out how to lower her to ground level. It involved a crank wheel that was locked with a safety catch. I carefully and slowly lowered Jessica to the ground and then proceeded to unbuckle her ankle straps.

Once she was free, I went behind her and unbuckled all the straps on her straitjacket. She shook it off herself and stretched briefly. She still had the mittens on inside the sleeves so I helped her get them off. Then we turned our attention to the dummy/gags. As soon as we were free, we started working out how we would escape from Aunty Rose's clutches. This would prove to be a virtually impossible task, since the door was locked from the outside and the window had bars on it. We were locked in!

Jessica whispered in my ear that she also had a problem. She had soaked her nappy during her upside down ordeal and she was really embarassed. I asked her to hop up on the change table, and acting as fast as I could, I stripped off her baby outfit and changed her disposable nappy. She really didn't want to wear another, but there was nothing else to wear in the room. Jessica got back into her outfit whilst I tried to work a way around the window bars. It seemed hopeless until by chance, I looked up and saw a hatch in the ceiling. It had been painted over so as to make it hidden but it was still visible to a close inspection. And when a desperate mind like mine was searching for a way out, the hatch wasn't going to stay hidden from eyes.

Together, we dragged the change table until it was underneath it. Jessica hopped up first and pushed the hatch. Without a sound it opened upwards into the space between the ceiling and the floor above us. There was a comfortable crawl space of about a foot and half. We didn't need to think about it twice. As soon as Jessica was up in there, I pushed the change table back into position and balanced precariously on the window ledge. Jessica stuck her hand down and helped me climb up. As soon as I was in, Jessica lowered the hatch, hoping that from the outside, it would look undisturbed. We wanted Aunty Rose to think that we had escaped some other way.

I took the lead as we quietly snuck around the crawl passages which riddled the space between the floors. Jessica suddenly pulled my ankle and I stopped. I turned around and saw her pointing to a vent which I had crawled over. We both looked down and found that we were above the kitchen. We could see Sarah washing some dishes and Aunty Rose drying them. They were talking quietly but we didn't hang around long enough to hear what they were saying. After a couple of minutes of crawling, Jessica pulled my ankle again.
"David, how the hell are we going to get out of here?" she asked.
"I think I saw a hatch over the laundry when we were in there. If we can get there, we can get into the backyard and then over the fence. We might be able to find someone who can help us."
"You think so?" Jessica said.
"I hope so, for both our sakes."

It took me a minute to get my bearings and I stealthily headed off for the laundry, or at least where I thought the laundry was. Twice, I was wrong but then by accident I found it. I was crawling along and caught my foot on something. Turning around, I saw it was a hatch handle. Lifting it just a crack revealed that we were above the laundry. YES!! Freedom seemed close enough to touch. Until we heard what we feared the most.
"MOM!! The babies are loose!!!"

Instantly we froze and listened.
"How the hell could they get loose!?" yelled Aunty Rose.
"I don't know, the girl was in a straitjacket and the boy was strapped down tight as can be!" replied Sarah.
"How did they get out of the room?"
"The door was locked and so was the window." said Sarah
"They must have used the hatch!"

We gulped when they said that. We moved away from the hatch and hid in a dark corner. Just in time too, because Sarah lifted the hatch and stuck her head up into the crawl space. From the darkness, we could see her but she couldn't see us.
"Babies... are you in here? Come to Aunty Sarah!" she cooed.

We didn't even breathe.
"I can't see them Aunty Rose, they might have already gotten out."
"Not a chance Sarah, the motion detector in the yard would have told me they were there." Aunty Rose called back in response.

Jessica looked at me with a knowing look. If we had left via the back yard we would have been caught. Although we were still free at the moment, that didn't look like staying that way for long. That was until I made a discovery that changed everything. Right behind us was a hatch that led upwards. I found it by sitting up to high and feeling the movement above my head. The hatch itself was virtually invisible. Obviously it hadn't been used since the house was built, some sixty years ago. If we were lucky, Aunty Rose didn't know of it's existence.

Upon opening it and looking up, we were surprised again. The hatch opened up into the closet in our guest bedroom! What a perfect place to hide! We heard a scuffling noise behind us and we knew then that Sarah must be in the crawl space. We ultra-quietly moved up into the cupboard and closed the hatch. We sat right on top of it, in case Sarah touched it. We didn't want her to know that we had used it. We only hoped that Sarah did not know about it. The next twenty minutes were nerve-racking. Luckily the closet door was lockable from the inside as well as from the outside.

We could hear Sarah moving around below us and some relief came to us when she yelled out. "I can't find them, but they were here! I found their tracks in the dust, I think they must have dropped down into the lounge!" Jessica snickered quietly as we heard them exchanging theories as to how we could have gotten out of their grasp. I figured we could just wait here until midnight or something then sneak out and get help.
But that was not to be. The closet door was suddenly unlocked and wrenched open!

"Sarah! I found them! They used the closet hatch!"

Jessica and I exchanged looks that said one thing. Busted.

To Be Continued in A Story On Babification - Part 3: "Sarah Rules!!!"

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