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A Story On Babification - Part 1

By NaughtyLittleGirl

This is a fantasy story that I wrote during a brief period if inspiration. It feature teenage adult babies and a strict mothering aunty. When the teenagers are set up, the aunty puts them back in diapers and treats them like babies. One hundred percent treatment!

***********Story Starts*****************

This story is about my revert back to wetting and what our Aunty Rose did about it. Aunty Rose is our Mummy's sister and we are staying with her for the summer whilst mummy is in Canada taking a skiing holiday.

I am a 14 year old baby boy and my sister is 15 and a baby girl. We did not entirely choose to be put back in our nappies. We were bad and Aunty Rose caught us and now we are being punished. Although Jessica and I like our nappies we don't tell Aunty that or she might do worse things.

Our story starts when we arrived at Aunty's house after a long drive from Michigan. We were both very tired and it was very late, so we decided to go to bed. Mummy and Daddy didn't stay very long because they had to get to the airport. So we watched them drive off from the upstairs guest room with our two beds in it and then we went to sleep. In the morning we woke up to find Aunty in the room holding a tray with breakfast on it. Porridge! Yuk! But we ate it because we didn't want to upset her. Actually it was quite nice. Aunty told us to bring our bowls down to the kitchen when we were finished so we sat there talking. Then the worst thing happened. We heard a doorbell go off and as Aunty answered the door we thought it was just some kid. But no! It was Aunty's daughter, Sarah! We had never known that Aunty had any kids. As we went down to see her on the way to the kitchen with our bowls, we whispered to each other about why we had never heard about Sarah before. Jessica couldn't remember Mummy ever saying anything about a cousin so we were stumped! Sarah was quite pretty considering she came from Aunty Rose. She was 17 and blonde. Quite thin and sort of tall. She immediatly established dominance over us by asking us all sorts of questions like, have you made the bed?, did you clean the room? and so on. We looked at Aunty and I thought I saw a hint of a smile. But she said nothing and just let Sarah go on with the third-degree. When she was done we were ready to confess to everything from the Spanish Inquisition to WWII! And it was only morning.

She insisted on checking the state of the room so we followed (at a distance) her up to the guest room. We crossed our fingers as she went around the room checking it over. You would have thought she owned the damn place! She left the room saying nothing other than a quiet mumble which we barely heard, let alone understood. We went in the room and closed the door. Sitting on the bed we decided to go into action! You see, Jessica and I are famous back home in Michigan as being the Nightmares of 12 Cardinal Street. (fictional address). We get into everything and stop at nothing to hit back at someone who tries to bully us. Maybe that's why this diaper thing didn't upset us too much at first, becuase Jessica and I have always stood together through thick and thin. "First thing we need to do" said Jessica "is show that stupid Sarah that we are not to be played with!"

"What do you have in mind?" I asked.
"How about the good old, yeast and water compound in her underwear?" she suggested.
"You go make the yeast up and I will get her underwear." said Jessica with a twinkle in her eye.

So as I went down to the pantyr to look for some yeast (which incidently, will grow into a very irritating rash-causing concoction inside someone's underwear, especially on a hot day) Jessica searched the room at the end of the hall. It is worth noting at this point that Sarah and Aunty Rose had apparently gone out because the house was quiet and deserted apart from Jessica and I.

I found the yeast eventually and bringing a cup of warm water, a paper plate and a fork, I headed back up to our room. There was Jessica laying out the spoils of her search.
Thirty-two pairs of knickers, all plain white. How boring, I mean this girl hasn't even got enough imagination to by pink underwear. As I sat down, Jessica told me that she had found something else in the room during her search. Thinking of cash, jewellery or maybe a photo of her in the nude, I was shocked when she pulled from behind the door, A huge packet of equally huge nappies. I had never seen anything like it. The packet was filled with disposable nappies and about half a dozen terry-towelling nappies. Jessica pulled out a disposable and put it on herself over her shorts and started pretending to be a baby. I was in stitches!

"Do you think she wears them?" asked Jessica
"I don't know" I said "but if she does then what the hell does she buy underwear for?"
"I guess it is in case she goes out or something." Jessica said.

Little did we know that Sarah did not nor had she ever worn nappies, at least since babyhood. Jessica layed out the all the white pairs of panties and I spread just the right amount of virtually invisible, but slightly whitish yeast paste into the crotch region of each one. We looked at them closely and couldn't see a thing. Perfect! Then we hastily returned the knickers and the nappies because we heard Aunty's car pull up. So she had gone out, but to where? Mummy and Daddy always tell us where they are going and how long they will be. Aunty just left. We watched from the window as Sarah and Aunty carried several white plastic bags full of stuff into the house.

We went downstairs to investigate and found them throwing the bags into a large box in the bottom of the pantry. For some reason Aunty taped the box shut when they were done and her response to my inquiry as to the contents of the box was, charity donations. Jessica and I headed to the lounge and sat down to watch TV. Around lunch time, Aunty called us in and we sat down (on the opposite side of the table) to eat sandwiches with Sarah and Aunty.

The two of them didn't say much to us but they kept looking at each other and smiling. We asked them what they were smiling about and they said they had seen something funny in town. We didn't believe them, although we said nothing. After lunch we were sitting in our bedroom playing a board game and talking about the days events up till now. When Jessica mentioned the nappies, Sarah burst in to the room saying "I knew you were in my room!... Mom!!!" We gulped and waited for the inevitable. How had she known we were there? Jessica was the best at covert room searches. Nobody had ever caught us before regarding room searches. Although we had been caught doing other things. Hence our reputation. Aunty Rose came thundering up the stairs and stopped in the doorway. After ten minutes of drilling questions we were sent to the basement for clean-up duty.

"Man this sucks" said Jessica as she pushed the broom around the stone floor. We were in the most filthy disgusting basement we had ever seen. This basement would scare Fester Addams away it was that filthy. I had the relatively easy job of stacking magazines. I say relatively because there were thousands of them. Mainly womans magazines and the occasional gossip mag but then I came across a small magazine. It was called Wet-Set and it was wierd! There were heaps of pictures of men and women peeing themselves and wearing nappies! I called Jessica over and she giggled at the nappied guys and girls. She read a few stories too and said "Maybe that's why Sarah wears nappies. To get into this magazine." I stuck the magazine in my pocket and continued stacking mags. Several hours later the basemnt looked somewhat better so we left and went up to our room. Exhausted. Soon after, Aunty Rose came up to our room with a tray. There were two glasses of cool drink on it so we gulped them down quickly. Aunty Rose left with a smile on her face and we got back to our board game.

About ten minutes later, Jessica said she felt funny in the stomach and she ran off to the toilet. I heard her bang on the door but Sarah's voice floated out telling to go away. Jessica came back to our room, but she couldn't sit still.
She ran back to the loo and desperately hammered on the door. After being told that the loo was still engaged she ran back and started hopping from one foot to the other. I asked what was wrong and she said she needed to go real bad. She jammed her fist into her crotch and I could see tears at the corner of her eyes.

I helped her back to the loo and this time I pounded on the door. Yelling at Sarah accomplished nothing, then suddenly I doubled over and clutched my stomach. Ooooh! Now I know what Jessica felt. As I was bent over I looked at the floor and saw a wet spot, following it with my eyes I found that Jessica had wet herself. Her shorts were soaked, her legs were damp and there was wet all over the carpet at her feet. About 30 seconds later I felt myself let go. I tried as hard as I could to hold on but I couldn't. My bladder wouldn't let me. Jessica slumped down and started crying. Feeling completely helpless, I joined her. We heard the lock turn on the toilet door and Sarah walked out. She saw us and asked what was wrong. Neither of us said anything but Sarah sniffed the air.. "MOM!!!!"

We were dragged by our wrists into the downstairs laundry and told to strip. Aunty Rose had never seemed so mean. Jessica couldn't stop crying and Aunty didn't seem to care. Sarah was nowhere to be seen. Thank goodness. The last thing I wanted was Sarah seeing me starkers. After we had been cleaned and the smell was gone, Aunty Rose wrapped towels around each of us and we were led upstairs to the guest room. Shock horror! Sarah was standing there holding two of the terry towelling nappies we had seen before. Aunty Rose whipped off our towels and we were told to lie down on our beds, naked in front of Sarah and Aunty rose. Sarah lifted up Jessicas legs and put a pre- folded nappy under her bum. Quickly, she pulled it together and fastened it with pins. She also locked a small padlock on each pin, through the head of it to prevent Jessica from removing them. Similar treatment was appied to me and within a few minutes we were both diapered. Jessica and I protested.

"Hey Aunty Rose, get these off us!" Jessica exclaimed.
"Yeah! Get em off!" I added.
"No way you two" Aunty said "If you tow are going to act like babies and wet your pants, then you will be treated like babies until you grow up, and I don't care if that takes all summer long."
"Yeah... babies" added Sarah.
"Shut up!" Jessica retorted.
"Oh that is it!" Said Aunty, "You two are going to be taught a lesson now. I thought you might take this lightly but obviously you can't so we will deal with the babies appropriatly."

Aunty Rose and Sarah left the room and locked the door behind them. Jessica tried to remove her nappy while I searched for some clothes. There were none. Our suitcases were gone. Even the beds were stripped. The room was bare except for two beds, a set of shelves and a cupboard, empty of course. Jessica gave up and sat down. I did too.
"I wonder what they mean?" she asked.
"I don't know and I would rather not find out."

After what seemed like an eternity, Aunty Rose came back with Sarah. As they came in to the room, Sarah locked the door behind them. No escape. Aunty Rose was carrying the plastic bags we had seen before, the ones from the box. They laid them out on the bed and oopend them one by one. Inside each bag was clothes, and not just any clothes, huge baby clothes, roughly our sizes. Jessica's eyes widened as Sarah pulled out a size 12 baby jumpsuit, complete with feet.

Aunty Rose grabbed Jessica's wrists and pulled her towards Sarah and the two of them put the outfit on Jessica. When they were done she looked almost funny. The outfit covered her entirely except for the head and hands. It was pink and covered with clouds and bird pictures. It was also somewhat thick. There were some press studs at the crotch, presumably for changing the nappy. Although it was sort of funny, I didn't have time to laugh, because Aunty Rose pulled out a blue outfit similar to Jessicas. Together, Sarah and Aunty Rose 'helped' me into my outfit. Then we were pushed down onto our beds and told to lie still. Sarah and Aunty Rose hunted through the bags and started laying out other garments.

Eventually Sarah said "I found them" and handed two pairs of mittens to Aunty Rose. Aunty came over to me and took my left hand in hers. She slid the mitten on to my hand and pulled the drawstring tight around the wrist, tying it with several knots. The same was done for my right hand and Jessicas hands. The mittens I wore were blue and had no finger separations in them. They were very well padded and thus very effective at restricting the use of our hands.

Jessica struggled with hers to no avail. The knots were so tight that even teeth would have a hard time undoing them. But that avenue was soon to be blocked. Sarah produced a pair of dummies and gave one to Aunty Rose. We each had a large dummy inserted into our mouths and to prevent us spitting them out, the attached strap was buckled up at the back of our heads. Now we looked just like a pair of big babies. Complete with mittens and dummies, we were as helpless as a newborn. We couldn't even talk very well, suffice to say we could mumble.

But the two women weren't finished yet. Sarah took Jessica and Aunty Rose took me as we were lead to a room we hadn't seen before. It was built onto the side of Aunty Rose's bedroom and the door was locked. When the unlocked it and took us in we were stunned. The room was like a giant nursery with two huge cots and a playpen, two large strollers, a shelf of toys and a changing table big enough to park a small car on! We weren't given time to examine it though, as we were bundled into each of our cots. There was a pink cot for Jessica and a blue cot for me. The walls of the cot also slid up and down but they weren't really walls, more like bars. And they could be locked into position at the top, to prevent baby pulling them down. At the moment however, the bars were down and we were just lying there as Aunty Rose and Sarah pulled two large garments out of the little cupboard in there. It was probably the only little thing in the whole room. Sarah brought her item to Jessica and Aunty Rose brought hers to me. I saw that the garment was like a big cloth bag, roughly the size of Jessica and I.

Aunty Rose said it was a sleeping sack and without another word, I was helped into it. My whole body went in it, right up to my neck. The sack was well padded and comfortable. It had an opening in the top just big enough for a neck and the zip was at the back of the sack. There were also straps inside the sack, built onto the sides. My wrists were put into these and fastened. I suppose these were to stop baby from using his hands too much. Well they were effective. I couldn't raise my hands any further than my stomach, even if I bunched my legs up and pulled the sack material higher up.

Jessica was in a similar predicament. She was inside her sack now and Sarah was pulling the zip up to close it up just as mine was being done up. A small padlock secured the zipper to a small ring at the top. This was done on each of our sacks, preventing us from any means of escape. Aunty Rose turned out the lights and was about to leave with Sarah when she stopped. Sarah asked her what was the matter and Aunty Rose turned to us.

"I bet you two will try to get out of your cots the moment I am gone, won't you?"
"MmmMMMmmm!" said Jessica.

I mumbled that we wouldn't but Aunty Rose obviously didn't believe us, assuming she understood what we were saying. She came over to me and searched around on the sides of the cot until she found the strap she was looking for. There were three of them on my cot, one at chest level, one at waist level and one at ankle level. These were done up tightly. Sarah, catching on, did the same to Jessica. Jessica fought wildly, throwing herself around until Aunty Rose held her down. Soon she was strapped down just like me. Aunty Rose and Sarah raised the bars on the cots, locked them and left the room. Just as they were leaving, Aunty Rose turned around, stood in the doorway and spoke to us.
"I suppose you two think I'm nuts for doing this, but don't think that. I have full permission and recommendation from your parents to do this. Nightmares of Cardinal Street indeed! I will give you nightmares! By the time I am done with you two, you will be looking forward to your three-hourly bottles and you will have forgotten what a toilet is! And just in case you are thinking I only have the summer to do this, you are wrong. Your parents pulled you out of school and have left you permanently in my care. Goodnight babies and sweet dreams... Ha Ha!"

The two of them closed the door behind them and locked it. I heard Sarah saying something very interesting to Aunty Rose as they walked off. "That was a really good trick, you know the one where you put laxative in their drinks this afternoon."
"Yes that did the trick." Replied Aunty Rose.

So Jessica and I are faced with months of punishment now, punishment that involves being humiliated night and day, wearing nappies and sitting in your own wetness and drinking from a bottle! Our only consolation is that for several days after our initial babification, Sarah was constantly in agony... with a terrible rash in her cunt that just wouldn't go away no matter how many times she changed he knickers!

To Be Continued in A Story On Babification - Part 2: "Escape Attempt"

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