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Blood Nightz Title

Flowing Skull

Blood Nightz Chantry

Tremere Clan Symbol

Order of Power
Sparring Rules
Rules and Regulations
Embracing and Blood Nightz Code of Tremere
Prodigies and Apprentices
DarkKnightz Warriors
Histories of the Clan
Servant Rules
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Blood Nightz Message Board

Morbium wishes to thank all who helped setting up this site. It is greatly appreciated, without your help, it would not of happened. This site will greatly improve our training and clan knowledge for all. Thank you. This site does require java on.
Mail Us and  r Mrm {}
Mail »« £ørð Mørßìúm »«{ßÑ} and he will respond to any questions that you have about the Blood Nightz Clan and the White Wolf Roleplay involved within the HTML rooms.

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