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When you first start out as Zerg get 8 drones as fast as you can.
Then when you have enough drones and minerals make a spawning.
While that is mutating make another overlord. After that make alot of
zerglings as protectors. Then make alot of sunken colonies and you
should be fine. Then just work it from there.
Strat posted by: BattleAxe6{APC}

Zerg are the quickest to produce and upgrade.  Upgrades and
numbers are the key to zerg success.
Defense: Four sunkens are all you need.  The numbers will take care of the rest.
Air defense can be taken care of by placing 4 to 6 sunkens of that nature.
As an added bonus six to eight Lurkers placed at spread locations will guard
against drops of all kinds except Hydra drop with Overloards.

Order of Unit production: Zerglings 24 to hit a rush. 36 Hydras including
any Lurkers that are changed from the Hydra number.
2 upgrades should be complete by this time.  Upgrade hatchery.
Build three Spires. Make final upgrades to ground forces.
You should have at least 3 hatcheries at this point one being at an
expansion.  With minerals now flowing you can go to
complete unit out put and air upgrades.
Make 36 Mutalist: 12 Guardians, 12 Devourers, 12 Mutalist.  Make
two more hatcheries for a total of five.(More if your minerals can handle it)

Attack:  Send a overloard with each attacking group.  Send Guardians first
because they take so long.  Order all units to attack just in front of base
you are targeting.
         Load three Overlords with hydras for a drop from the opposite end
from the fighting. Send Devourers with the Guardians.  Now send in the
Zerglings and guardians at the same time with the 24 hydras following close behind.
Drop the 12 Hydras in overloards behind the enemy. Forget the units attacking and
go straight to making various units and sending them as quickly as they come out.
Send an overloard with a hyrda every now and then.

You should be typing a message saying "GG" at this point.

Good luck and I hope this helps.
Strat posted by: OneRib-{APC}

Sup guys.
here's some combinations for zerg.

 Hidralisk + Guardian + Overload
 - this is very useful to destory the enemy defence. Once, i played me vs
other two players and i killed both of them with this combination. Let
Guardians destory canoons or turrets and sunken. Hidralisks should stay
under guardians and kill any enemy air units to defend guradians. Overload
is a must for cloaked unit.

 Zergling + Ultralisk + Defiler + Overload
 - i don't use this combination often but sometimes i do and it's good
combination if the enemy doesn't produce many air units. If the enemy seems
to produce some air units, u should have spore colony for protection and u
should produce some scourages to destory them. Ultralisk has high hp and
powerful. the enemy defence will be destoried in no time with the defilers
dark warm.

 Zergling + Mutual + Overload
 - this combination is great in the middle early game and you can kill
terran easily. if zergling and mutual attacks at same time, range units will
only attack mutual so you can kill most of their units before all mutuals
die. The important point in this combination is that u have attack same
If u don't, your army will be destoried.
Strat posted by: [219]chobo

How to stop a 24 ling attack
get 9 drones
get overlord
get spawning pool
get gas while spawning pool is building
morph hatchery to liar
build a hydra den while lair is morphing build hydras while lair is morphing
when lair is finished research lurker ability
morph lurkers while building 2 sunkens so they attack the sunkens and get
slaughtered by lurkers after attack go and burrow in opponents base and kill
off workers
Strat posted by: Dark-Hydra{ACP}


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