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Starcaft / Brood war Tips:

For those of you who are fairly new, here are a few things that I
didn't know about when I started.

Using the shift key while giving commands lets you give mutiple commands to
one or more units at the same time. For example, when you have an attacking
group selected, you can give the command to attack at one spot, then hold
shift and give the command to attack at another spot. The group will first
attack to the first spot that you commanded them to go to and then attack to
the next spot. You can also use the shift key to order an SCV to repair more
than one thing. These are only a few things that can be done with the shift
key, and I don't have the time to explain the rest. Try using the shift key
to give different types of commands to different units and groups until you
find out everything you can do with shift.

Finally, you can group units together by using the control key. Select 12
units, hold ctrl, and hit the number 1. This will set those 12 units as
group 1. Now, every time you click 1, that group of units will be selected
for you. You can make up to 9 groups using the numbers 1-9.
Posted By: Wren{APC}

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