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This strategy is used to defeat your opponents quickly using
marines, medics, and tanks.

When you start off, build SCVs until you are using up 8 supplies, then build
a supply depot. Soon afterwards, build a barracks, and then another. This
means you have 2 barracks and 1 supply depot.

As soon as the barracks are completed begin training marines and keeping
them fed, by having the needed amount of supply depots at all times. After
building a few marines, start getting gas and build an academy. Once the
academy is completed begin making medics and get the stim pack upgrade.
After you get the stim pack upgrade, get the long range upgrade for marines.

Now is when you start getting tanks, if you haven't already; so start
getting tanks. Once you get 3 tanks with siege mode you are ready to attack.

By this time you should have about 12-20 marines, 4-7 medics, 3-4 tanx, and
a comsat station. If you haven't found an enemy yet, go find one. When you
begin your attack, keep in mind that your tanks are gonna do all the damage
for a while.

Line your tanks just close enough to begin bombarding the enemy colony, and
don't attack with your marines. Let your tanks do all the work. If they send
units to kill the tanks, have your marines destroy the units. Use stimpack
on the marines while they defend your tanks. After 2 or 3 minutes of
bombardment, the enemie's defense should be gone, and there should be no
opposition from offenses. If this is so, attack with your marines and keep
the tanks bombarding. Within minutes you should have defeated one player.
Just hope that the ally of the guy you are killing doesn't get smart and
counter attack your base. For this reason, it is always good to keep a
backup of units in your base, or minimal defenses.

Incase of cloaked or burrowed units, have your comsat ready, and build a few
turrets in your base. Remember, your marines are the main power of your
force; don't waste them by sending them straight into a heavily defended
area. If all goes well, you should have tons of minerals by the time you go
back to start doing stuff in your base again, and your ally should already
be attacking the other opponent.

Final Note: Never use this strategy against comps, it doesnt work very well.
Strat posted by: Wren

All  Sounds, Etc is Copyright 1999, 2000 Annihlating Predators Clan, Age-Masters{APC}