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Join Rules  APC Rules    Promotions Demotions      Special Promotions

APC Rules To Join
[1.] Must follow these Rules
[2.] Must Be active (Access To (StarCraft only. We do not recruit Diablo players.))
[3.] U much be above a general level of skill at which you play StarCraft. We do NOT recruit crap players

APC Rules
[1.] U must Where the Annihilating Predators Clan Tag, {ApC}, at the end of your name.
      -Members that don't ware the clan tag can't get a 1st or 2nd command rank
[2.] Do not kick/ban a Higher Ranked User
[3.] Do not Start a war with another clan without consulting a Leader/Co-Leader
[4.] Do not place more than 5 of your Bots in the Clan {APC} channel
[5.] U must be on at least once a week
[6.] Councils Must accept a challenge from a member
[7.] Ur bots must be set on whisper back command so u don't spam our channel

The Rest Is Not Important! Only for your information On Ranks

[1.] If u Protect our Clan Channel For a couple days you will go up a rank
[2.] If you Kill a member of an enemies clan you will go up a rank
[3.] If u make a bot or programme you will go up a Rank
[4.] If you recruit 5 users you will go up a rank
[5.] If u Recruit 10 Users u will Go up a rank
[6.] If you defeat another member of this clan that is higher ranked than you, you will be promoted.
[7.] If you Hold a enemies clan Channel for a few day you will go up a rank
[8.] If u are in this clan For 4 months you will take 1st of your category (you have to tell us if you have been in the clan for that period of time).
[9.] You will get promoted if a position is needed and if u convince the
[10.] If you made at least 5 maps and added them to our page
[11.] Do something asked in the News Section
[12.] If you put a bot in the clan channel every time u come online
[13.] Beat a low Council in A game Move up 1 Rank
[14.] Beat a Council in A game Move up 2 Ranks
[15.] Beat a High Council in A game Move up 3 Ranks

Special Promotions

Become a Council Member
[1.] To Become any of the councils u must Beat a Leader/Co-Leader In a Game
[2.] Be In the Second Command degree
[3.] Recruited 5 members
[4.] Puts a bot in the Clan channel every time there online

- Low council : Have Rating 100 wins 50 loses (max) (50% wins)
- Council: Have Rating 100 Wins 20 loses (max) (80% wins)
- High Council: Have Rating 100 wins 7 loses (max) (100% wins)

Become Co-Leader (Only 3)
[1.] U Must Have Something that this Clan use (Ex. Bot Programmer,
[2.] Can't Be A StarCraft newbie
[3.] Have a Good Record
[4.] Recruited At least 5 Members
[5.] And has Abstained a Rank in Second command
[6.] And Last U must ask The Leader
[7.] Have a bot in the clan channel every time your online

Become An Executive (only 2)
[1.] Keeps contact with the Leader and Co-Leaders
[2.] Know who to use at lest 1 bot
[3.] Prepares Clan Meetings (E-mail member, Talk to the leader to start it)
[4.] Prepares Clan Games (Tournaments)
[5.] Have Icq And E-mail
[6.] Online more than 4 times a week
[7.] Does allot of recruiting
[8.] Have a bot in clan channel every time online

Have WebMaster added To your Rank
[1.] If U R good page builder E-mail Markay7{APC} And tell him u want to be
part of the  Page development

[1.] Ban/kick A higher ranked member
[2.] Have a  different rank in your info than your own
[3.] Start a war With another Clan without asking a Leader/Co-Leader
[4.] If u reveal Back up Channels to enemy Clans
[5.] If You Do not do what is asked
[6.] If u r not active on for more than 5 weeks without good Reason
[7.] If u take a Tag off a Map u downloaded from this page

All Images, Sounds, Etc. is Copyright 1999, 2000 Annihilating Predators Clan, Markay7{APC}