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( 20 Ranks )

Leader is highest and Private is lowest in terms of power 

First Command(Can promote/demote anyone)

Rank Name: Max Users: Have:
Leader 1 1
Co-Leader 3 1
Executive 4 0

Councils(our Best of the best)

Rank Name: Max Users:
High War Council 4
War Council 10
Low War Council 15

Second Command (Can promote to the level under them (with approval))

Rank Name: Max Users:
Colonel 2
1st Captain 1
1st Lieutenant 2
Lieutenant 10
Officer  10

Third Command(Can't promote at all)

Rank Name: Max Users:
Adjutant Master 1
Adjutant 10
1st Sergeant 3
Sergeant 30
Coporal Chef 6
Coporal 60
Private infite

Progammers Tags U get this as a tag in your info and in this page

Tag Name: Max Users: Tag:
Programmer Leader 1 P@L
WebMaster infinte W@
Bot Programmer infinte B@T

Information on Getting Promoted see Rules

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