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This strategy is pretty much the basic mass dragoon strategy, the
exception is, you wont be waltzing in the enemies front door. Instead you
will be arbitering in the back of their base!

Begin by making your probes, and pylons and gateways. Get about 6 gateways
minimum, and start pumping out the dragoons. Be sure to get upgrades for the
dragoons too. Get long range for them, and lvl 3 attack, defense, and

Do all of this as quickly as posslible. Use those little bits of extra
resources to make 2 stargates and an arbiter tribunal. Produce from the
stargates about 5 arbiters and get the recall upgrade.

Now, bring your units together into 4 groups. Each group should consist of
about 12 dragoons, one arbiter, and one observer. Seperate these groups up
and prepare to recall.

Send the single 5th arbiter into your enemies base, and recall in one of
your groups. Before the group is recalled to the other area, click on the
arbiter in that group. Hit the recall button and click on the next group.
Once again, before that group is recalled in, click on that arbiter and use
recall on the next group.

By now you should get the idea of how your gonna get about 48 dragoons, all
cloaked, quickly into the center of your opponents base. Believe me when I
say that this type of strategy doesn't screw up. Never once has this
strategy failed to destroy the base that I recalled in to.

If you are thinking to yourself, "By the time I get this strategy off it
will be Christmas," don't worry. After you practice this strategy a few
times you get real fast at it. GL!
Posted By:Wren{APC}

Ok I read the some of the strats in here and soem are good.  Oh
Wren with your CTRL+(1-9) to select units zero works as the tenth group

But anyways.  As with any race the strat u use depends on what race u are
playing against.  Always know your opponent.  so if your enemie goes random
scout him out fast.  I am only gonna give basic unit vs unit strats here.

If when u scout base and oppenent is making lots of defence  do this.  vs
terran go straight to carriers with dragoons protecting.  Have carriers take
out tanks and then mop up other enemie units with dragoons.  always upgrade
ur units.  use the carriers to take out buildings while dragoon bang on
small building and stray units.  2-4 reavers are nice for that extra bang.

If zerg goes to defence.  This is a definite Reaver solution.  a combo of
reavers and zealots against a defensive zerg player will cut right thru.

if u are vs protoss then u want again to go reavers to take out canons and
have 6-8 templars zap there asses

That is all for now.  I will give my offense versus offence tips at a later

Also I will tell u how to aviod a rush of zerg when using protoss.  For any
tips or strats on how to handle certain types of players feel free to email
Posted By:Rahs-Kamaf{APC}

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