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22 June 2000
Why am I writing news. We have at the moment 2 members and 1 recruitee. None of which will read this. Bloody great. To ensure for future reference, I am now in charge of the site. One-Rib is now leader and I am co-leader.

19 May 2000
Well i guess u all saw we got some title pics now. I downloaded a Really good programme. I have simple pics so far But i'll work on getting even better ones. As for what joing on i can say much i haven't ben online that much. i've ben work on the page offline and uplaoding when I get back on. I'm planning on making a pic for every rank, and as title on page like alot of pages have so far. i'm working like a manicake to get this right.

10 May 2000
Well as u can see the clan is now really active. I still haven't had time to make the conformation membership form yet. But I will make it soon. Killerk1{APC} has finally started the first tourney!!!
Death never got to it. oh well! We are discussing about this sub clan thing. i e-mailed elite forces. asking to be more tan just hosted but to help them host clans. if they don't accept forget them. {APC} is way too big to be sub clan by them. There allot going on if u didn't know the best place for News is mainly the message board. Like u can see Hunter{APC} has asked me to make a new message board it the training board. where any of u and post a question about starcraft or Brood war. U can also request to be trained. I plan to have the war council and and hunter to reply to theses questions. I'm hopping {APC} will get bigger than than ever. Recruiting will be aloud soon but not yet.

07 May 2000
Hey people i'm sorry for not updating this page but i got really busy. anyway. I got a new alliance with "Elite Force" WHen this will be completed will will have a new address. ( and member area that only members can get to (with pass). and and atomic tic system for adding strategies. all they want in return is that we become a sub clan. we still have control over {APC} completely we just will be networked with them. and play games that kind of stuff. Nexthunter{APC} will be problem getting co-leader du to the vote, killerk1{APC} will be getting executive for he's web page help. and pysdude{APC} executive for his acitiveness, bot on almost all the time and he gives his optioning. I hope people being promoted u will be getting new jobs and you'll have to sick to them or u will be regiven your old rank.

25 April 2000
Hey everyone. sorry i didn't have much time to update this page anyway. Well I hope everyone found out about Death-{APC} betrayal. If u don't well he banned me from the clan and made himself leader. WEll everyone know the rules about banning a higher ranked. well that's a demotion. So death lost his Co-leader rank and i put him in second command. there is no voting about giving it back to him. He will never get it back. I trusted him. I won't ban him from {APC} because he gave me back my access to the web page. He will no longer work on this web page. i hate to do this cause i really liked his help. If he does the same act on me again i will ban him and move our web page to the old french page address. witch is I have a feeling his will do it again because i demoted him. i'm pissed. i worked on this clan page for 3 months. I gave this clan more time than anything els in my life. the second i get back from school i logged on and start checking my e-mail and message board. i had over 3 hours work every night. So death Never talk to me again. your lucky i'm not banning u. So i will have killerk1{APC} probley doing his jobs. he really wanted to help me with the page. so he will. I thank all the members that support me and will stay with The real {APC} no matter what.

17 April 2000
    Hey every one!! good news rahs has his bot in channel 24/7. meaning online all the time. I asked rahs to add everyone that is seen in the channel to the clan member list and  that 1st command ranked get leader command on the bot, 2nd command operator command, Vip to sergeant and up and regular to coporal and private. If u never used bots before. learn how to use rahs. I posted a message on message board telling u every thing u need if u still need help ask nickpage69{APC} or rahs. For the members i deleted over 10 unactive members. I'll keep deleting more. If i deleted u and you still want to be in clan e-mail me. if i accept u will have to sing up again. Death-{APC} has made the new war council page like u all saw. Do not ask me anything about it I left the whole job to death-{APC} and wren{APC} so any question are to be asked to them.
we have a new banner tell me what u think:

*made by Commander~DS~

15 April 2000
   Bad new every one... Ha sacarded u a? Commander and Warior{APC} are leaving clan too make there own. So i'm giving Commanders spot to LT-Medic{APC}. because i mainy play games with her she is online often and alot of u like her. The other co-leader stop will be probley given to Nick or Rahs. I really thinking about rahs. I like him and he leaded a clan before. So what does every one think? nick or rahs? ither way it one of those 2. our tourney will start as soon as we get 16 players so join it!!!

12 April 2000
Our ally with SDC still hasn't ben confermed. I'm still working on it. I want SDC to be our Main allies. Wren has gotten a great idea to make the war Council squad. this squad will be composed with our best {APC} players. To join this squad E-mail death-{APC}. He is asked to e-mail me the list of members so that i can make the squads members page.

09 April 2000
     Ok i'm fixing up the web page text like u can see I started with this page.
Tournaments Are join to start when we have at least 8 members. So join. I'm trying to allie the SDC clan. the clan i almost join instead of founding this one.
SDC has 35 members but all active this clan is over 1 year old. I joined there clan but the leader never added me to the member list. i waited 2 months. Then I just made this Awsome Clan!!! I've gotten more serouse with allies. We only allie good active clans now. I took alot of un active Clan off the allies section we have 3 allies now. I hope to have 4. Check the SDC . I haven't started With the spelling of our name yet. i'll do that in the next week. The name stays as it is. There would be too much work to do if we changed it. We have 101 members now, but i'm plainning on deleting unactive members. Onerib or me will e-mail every one comferme the membership. member that don't reply within a month will be deleted. i'll have this e-mail sent here 2 weeks. I getting busy with school so i'm havin less time to play and updates. but i promise. for new members that join they will be added 1 - 3 days after they filled the form.

06 April 2000
     Here are some banners what do u think?
Made by Commander{APC}

so what u think of these? There all really cool so when commander{APC}
is finnish with his other banner we will vote. Ok at 100 members I want u to stop recruting for 2-3 days. so that i can start making a tournament page I'm not sure who going to update it cause i'm too busy too. I really want to start Games so help me.

03 April 2000
     So we still have are name problem. I noted all the name that go with the {APC} tag when i get 7 - 10 names I'll put them on the poll. Also We are getting alot of members now. So I need alot of people to get involved and help me make this clan the BEST!! Post a message on the message board if u think i should start making tournatements. I can really assist to them I can only play weekends So i'll get some one to talk care of this. So people keep recruting I like to see someone online every time i come online!! If u wan to see me i put my bot in channel around 4:40pm to 5:40 every night wiel i'm updating the web page. Laste new Wren{APC} will be getting Excutive when the profiles are done it ben voted that way.

30 March 2000
   Hey everyone!! we got 68 members!! keep it up!! I won't be online that often for a wile. I'm getting Resident Evil: Code Veronica tonight. i reserved a copy. If u don't know what the Resident evil series games are Find out!!!
i'll still be online at least 1 every 2 days to update the web page.

29 March 2000
Today I kick Mocrodash out of the clan cause i never see him and he doesn't want to do anything for use. I given His place (Co-leader) to Death-{APC} for the work he has put in his web page and the help he is giving for our profiles. These profiles will take a wile to get finished its about 15-20 mins per member to make. Commander{APC} is hard at work with the french web page to make us a bilingual clan. He adds a new page almost every night now.  Members I need ideas to make our clan even better than its is now. so post me your ideas in the message board!!

28 March 2000
 I got a profiles Page for wren{APC} to access it go to the members section click on the link for the profiles. We  have 2 New Clan pages coming online very soon the French one. and Death's one (will be in english). That the news so far!! Just telling every one We are Getting close to becoming HUGE!!!

26 March 2000
Hey members The meeting yesterday when good we recruited 7 new members!! We had over 10 people in the channel at one point. now my next plan is to start tournaments. So i need every one in clan wars as soon as possible. I wasn't informed about if the promoting passwords have ben sent So that system is not active yet.  Anyway JOIN CLAN WARS!!

24 March 2000
We got 51 members every one!! an average in the past week of 2 new
members every day!! We are getting huge as a clan so keep recruiting!! Hope no one forgot about our clan meeting tomorrow at 9:00am We will do major recruiting!! Just a reminder anyone in 2nd command and up can promote /
demote members. So every one keep that in mind. To promote u must go to the members section and click on the promote / demote link. I'll e-mail the
promoting passwords soon. there different password for every rank.

21 March 2000
Ok our Problem With the wall clan is know ben taken care of. They have decided To ally us. Anyway just a reminder Check March 18 news for our clan meeting if u haven't heard of it

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