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Annihilating Predators Channel: Clan {APC}
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Ok for people who don't know what our clan is?

-[This clan is for only users (own StarCraft Or/and Brood War)]
-[Its a gang of people that work together to kill or make peace with other Clans]
-[Its people that help to get more users, talk about our Clan to other peoples]
-[We Have fun Tournaments To C who's Best!!]
-[Give ranks for superiorityThey make u more popular in the clan]
 -[With a high rank u can start a tournament, Rule, squad and alot more]
 -[This clan only allies clans that are active, have web page, and is ready to play games vs APC]
 -[That's about it]
 -[E-mail The Leaders of {APC}]

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Annihilating Predators Channel: Clan {APC}

A registered guild at the Trenches
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