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Cheat: Do:
There is no cow level Win current mission
What is mine is mine Free Minerals
Breate Deep Free Vespene Gas
Something for nothing All available upgrades
Black sheep wall Show full map
Medieval Man Free Upgrades
Modify the phase variance Build buildings greater than requirements
War aint what it used to be Lifts fog of war
Food for thought Build above supply limits
Ophelia "then Level name" Type code then level name to warp to that level
Power Overwhelming Invincibility
Staying Alive Allows you to stick around after you have won
Operation CWAL Speeds up buildings, units, & upgrades
Show me the money Adds 10,000 minerals & gas
The Gathering Unlimited mana
Noglues Disables computers use of magic
Game over man You lose current game
Radio Free Zerg Plays cool music when using zerg

All Images, Sounds, Etc is Copyright 1999, 2000 Annihlating Predators Clan, Age-Masters{APC}