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The Reservoir Dogs - Story

And so the Baron of Suffix declared it that night, it was to be war. Despite his ruthless experience in battle, and cunning in person, the Baron felt somewhat unsettled about his opponents.

It was on that cold night in 1271, when Lord Van Halen, the leading contender to the throne, had finally conquered the northern provinces of Yorkshire. The many battles that took place had caused his armies to suffer casualties numbering well over 6000, and had left the Royal Treasury exhausted.

Lord Van Halen's elite military force, entitled 'The Horsemen', had been chosen to fortify and garrison York, and to hold it at all costs. Commander ShadowLure, the top-ranking officer in the group, had shown his might in reinforcing the cities and proving yet again his capableness in military expeditions.

As expected, The Bishop, who had gained military superiority during the conflict with the Baron, marched upon Yorkshire with 2 armies of 1100 men apiece. In an instant, Sergeant Midaddi had sent warning back to Sheffield telling Lord Van Halen of the situation. Unfortunately the cry for help came unanswered, as Van Halen's armies were stuck guarding the southwestern boarders from advancing rioters and starving mercenaries who had looted much from the weaker Lords of Birmingham and Derby.

The first attack came in late winter, and severed the grain-planting season to a quarter. Although managing to fend off the assault and losing only a small town to the raiders, The Horsemen took 800 casualties and were out positioned by the Bishop.

ShadowLure ordered that the men pack up and retreat back to the city of York to organize an attack. Heading out with 300 Lances and 1000 afoot, the weather remained sour and impaired traveling conditions to the maximum. Upon arriving at York a week later, the Horsemen found their beloved city besieged and surrounded. The small garrison had managed hold the attackers back, however the tired Horsemen would be no match for the 1100 Fresh Brigadiers.

Charging valiantly upon the fields of war, ShadowLure barked order after order upon the bruised warriors until the siege had been lifted. Routing the Bishop's army for 20 miles west, the Horsemen surveyed the damage of their lands. What they found was indeed not pretty, as official counts of dead reported the deaths of 6 captains and over 900 infantry and cavalry.

After spending the better part of a half-year on the receiving end of the Bishop's assaults, the area was finally enforced by 500 men from the Royal Garrison and over 2000 conscripts from the nearby lands. Now was the time to strike revenge upon the Bishop. However now was also the most crucial time, for Lord Van Halen was fighting a 2-front war.

ShadowLure and Midaddi led their forces across York, quelling every imperfection in diplomacy and murdering any bandit they found. After reaching Blackpool, the Horsemen conquered a chain of 3 cities along the western coastline until they Reached Rhyl in Whales. The city was huge, and fortified more solidly than any man could imagine.

3 seasons were spent building siege weapons and preparing for the coming onslaught. Finally, when the armies were ready, they approached the castle walls, and led their strike.

Meanwhile, back in Sheffield, the Baron had conquered all of the Royal Counties, and had divided Van Halen's land more so than 2 lines. The once powerful lord had underestimated his opponent's strength. This had cost him his chance at title.

By the time the Baron was finished, the Horsemen had lost the siege. Rhyl had turned back the attack, and the once mighty army of the Horsemen had been reduced to 30 men. The Baron, and Bishop smashed through Lord Van Halen's lands from both sides, almost as if they were competing to see who could destroy them first, until they clashed at the center and proved their might.

This however, was not a concern. Lord Van Halen had lost his lands. Only small and scattered outposts, which were un-supplied and deserted remained under his control. Finally, on January 21, 1272, Leeds Castle was uprooted, and Van Halen was forced into hiding. The majority of the horsemen dying of plague or cold during exile saw the end of an era.

However Lord Van Halen was not finished yet. He sought a new way to rape the lands for himself. And he did so carry out this plan with cunning. He set out to find the remaining horsemen, and with them formed a group more elite than anything before them. Giving himself the title of 'The Rock', Van Halen founded a treasury, and built a stronghold. And then...then he gave his followers a name. THE RESERVOIR DOGS were born!

Now, recruiting only the most experienced warriors, The Reservoir Dogs set out to mold a kingdom under a blanket of Darkness. This alone, while their opponents aimlessly battle with one another for glory...

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