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Ultima Soldier

"I've never really been very good at talking about myself, so I don't really know what to say. Basically I am just going to let you figure stuff out through the below information. If there is something that you think you just HAVE to know about me and it isn't listed here, my email addy is, so dont hesitate to drop me a line."

Real Name: Manuel

Age: 14

Birth Date: 11/17/85

Residence: Calgary, AB, Canada

Job: Student, Grade 9

Previous LotR Clans: Dragoons, Soldier, Army of Darkness

Favorite Map: Quaintville

Computer Specifications: WIN95 OS, Pentium166 w/MMX, 32MB-RAM, 1.9GB-HD, 16x CD-ROM, 16 inch AOC moniter, MLI 691H Hi-Fi Speakers, Crappy Video w/ Direct X 7.1

Interests: Sports, PC Gaming, Web Design, MP3s, Computer/Freehand artwork and anime

Other Games: Starcraft/Brood War, Warcraft 2

Favorite Website: Lords2 HQ -

Favorite Quote: "The wheel's spinnin', but the hamster's dead." -Unkown