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Adult babies are adults who act and dress like babies or toddlers. Adult babies come in many different varieties, some adult babies are content with finding a quiet corner and hugging a teddybear, other adult babies are all out, won't go out of the house without baby clothes on, "ohhh please mommy don't tear me away from the toy isle" type of adult baby.


Diaper lovers, unlike adult babies, only like to wear diapers, Diaper lovers may just wear a diaper and not use it for its intended porpose while some diaper lovers wet and soil their diapers. Some diaper lovers wear diapers periodically while other diaper lovers wear diapers day and night all year long. Diaper lovers links.


Infantilism is the proper term to describe adult babies. Infantilism is a fetish where a person imitates infants or toddlers by either dressing in adult sized diapers and/or adult baby clothes and taking on other child like qualities. Infantilism should not be confused with peodaphillia. An adult baby is only interested in becoming and being treated like a baby or child while the peodaphile is a sick person who abuses children. The vast majority of adult babies condemn such abuse against children.


Adult diapers now can be found in almost every drug store in every city. Adult diapers are now so commonly used, adult diapers are advertised on television. Adult diapers come in two different types, cloth and disposable. Cloth adult diapers are favored by older adult babies while disposable adult diapers appeal to the younger adult babies. Cloth adult diapers have the advantage of being washed and reused while disposable adult diapers are convenient for travel and occasional use. Beware that not all disposable adult diapers are created equal. The cheaper brands, usually the store brand of disposable adult diapers do not have the capacity of name brand adult diapers like Depends, Attends or Molicare.


Adult baby clothes were once nothing but wild dream for most adult babies. Now with the Internet, an adult baby can view and buy a custom wardrobe in one afternoon. Adult babies can find adult baby clothes ranging from a simple onsie to a full blown custom made sailor suit of frilly pink dress. Some shops even offer adult babies the chance to have their new baby clothes fitted and custom made on the spot. If an adult baby feels up to it and they are willing to learn how to sew, he or she can make their own adult baby clothes. This can save money because some professionals can and do charge allot of money to make custom adult baby clothes. A great place to find adult baby clothes and adult diapers is at Life styles Emporium.


Adult baby clubs are abound on the Internet. All an adult baby has to do is go to a good search engine and type "adult baby clubs" and a huge list of adult baby clubs should be listed. And like adult babies, adult baby clubs vary in content and interest. Be you a simple adult baby or a no-holds-barred adult baby, you will find the club or discussion group that suits your taste. Adult babies can even find adult baby clubs in their local area, all an adult baby has to do is look.





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