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Starlet's Image Galleries
The Banner! TA DA!

At the bottom of the page, click on the images, and they will take you to their respective galleries!(Most of whom are Bishonen! [needless hooting]^-^)

Starlet is proud to be a non-Hentai site! Although some of my links may contain Lemon fiction.

My Outlook on Hate

A few links.

The galleries are at the bottom of the page.

[Anime Web Turnpike]
Anime Web Turnpike

L-chan's Site | The site of a REALLY good friend, L-chan!!!

NEW - Starfire's Kisekai | Starfire's KISS dolls are really nice. ^-^ I like them. Go there. See stuff. Follow her Rules. Lalala.
A beautiful Heroic Legend of Arislan site. I aquired some images there.

Tamara's Anime | I also got some Arislan, Tenchi Muyou!, and will be getting more there WITH her permission.
Swiftgold's Ronin-Warriors fan-fic page

Swiftgold's RPG Fanfiction Page. Formerly Squaresoft Fanfiction Page

Chun Li and Vega's Street Fighter Hangout.

Deep Blue Midi Archive(anime)

Kender's Anime Webpage

Street Fighter Legend Homepage

Kenny's Street Fighter Page


Tokyo Temple

This is where you can find Sailor Moon Z and the Dance of Shiva fan works by John Biles ans Jeff Hosmer! My favorite stories~_'

The Lunaverse. Home of the black niko clan. This is a Mooncat sight for Luna-lovers.

Mako-chan's Cafe. It has some cool gifs, and is choc full of Makoto!

This place has alot of awesome midis!(Kyzkr's Place)

X-Men page. Oooh, I just love the MIDI! I have been looking for it for EVER!

POKeMON WORLD is a great place to bone up on your POKEknowladge

I like L.J. Smith's many books, so this site, Twilight Tales, an L.J. Smith fan sites, just *has* to go here!

This is a great Tenchi Muyo! site with sound files(sound files down last I saw, gomen) and cool Music, w/words!

Master Cool's got a lot of cooool midis. AND the Tenchi Muyo! theme from the US!

Tuxedo Kamen Shrine

The Crystal Room ver2.0.

All right! DigiMon, Digital Monsters! This place, the Unoficial Digimon Domain, is chok full of Digi-info!

This is a great Mobile Suit Gundam Wing site, with midis, MP3s, and much, much more!

Games I am looking for. Please Click Here.

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Pic of Vega from Chun Li. Ask her permission before using!

NOTICE!! Feel free to use all pics but the ones I doctored, or the ones from Chun Li or C. Krusberg, or the ones I'm getting from Tamara's Anime Gallery. VHD pics from Cathy Krusberg.

X-Men Gallery

Final Fantasy Gallery><a/><br>
Sailor Moon Gallery><a/><br>
Vampire Hunter D Gallery

Heroic Legend of Arislan Gallery

Pretty Soldier Sailor Cosmos: Eternal Blue
One of the sites that have been taking all of my attention away from this (my first) site...
Jeishii's Studio
My "studio"... Has Huggleglomp Plushies and Jeishii's Furcadia Portaits. Both of which are under construction after having been deleted from Brinkster..


Site Last Updated: 9/22/02. (damn almost a year later...) All I did was update my ring info ^^; I should actually work on this site..

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Site Last Updated: 2/23/01. What I did: I am only downloading new pics for now - currently Arislan and Tenchi Muyou! for now. Tenchi Muyou! Gallery coming soon! Hopefully.^^;; For a while, some of the images (thumbnails and even the links) won't work in the VHD gallery - if you feel like it, type in VHunterD/(image name here).gif/jpg, and that's the directory link - I'm making new directories in order to manage my files better. Gomenne!

Site Last Updated: 12/23/00. What I did: I TOTALLY re-vamped the site. Hopefully, this looks a HELL of a lot better!!! ^^;;.

Site Last Updated: 5/9/00. What I did: Added Last Updated to page ^_^. Added Sephkill in FF gallery.

Site Last Updated: 5/14/00. What I did: Added Heroic Legend of Arislan Image Gallery. Added to Final Fantasy Image Gallery: Sephy_kun_no_Ai. Info on gallery.

Site Last Updated: 5/15/00. What I did: Added to the Arsilan Image Gallery; changed Gallery Entrance Icon to Arislan/ was Narsus.

Site Last Updated: 5/16/00. What I did: Added Crystal Room link.

Site Last Updated: 6/6/00. What I did: Added ifrit and tuxedo-sama images in FF and SM galleries. Edited the NOTICE!!!!! for the images. Added animated gif of Sailor Moon's Eternal Transformation and images of Mars and Mercury to teh SM gallery.