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In Memory Of Justin

Justin is my nephew who was born on Febuary 5,1995 and passed away on September 11,1995 at 9:45 am due to his aunts lack of responsibility and child care...she put a 3 week old baby in a crib and left Justin on the floor knowing anything could happen while she was asleep and not watching him...He put a bag over his face and smothered to death.

my memories

I remeber when Justin and I was in church and Justin would start laughing real loud and everyone would turn around and look at us and smile. I also remeber holding my sweet angel in my arms and now i will never get to hold him again because of His aunt ( on his mother's side ) decide to take his life because she has mental issues. She should be put in jail where she belongs.

Justin's new home

This is where Justin's body is but his soul is resting in heaven with Jesus and all the rest of Heaven's Babies. This is the result that you get when you leave your child with someone who don't care about anything. The only thing They care about is his or her self. I do not know how enyone can walk around with their head up knowing they killed a baby.

Justin's new home

The picture you see of the little boy's is Justin's brothers.The poem below my sister wrote about a dream she had of Justin.Please sign my guest book and tell me what you think. Justin My life is slipping away And the a vision does appear. A little boy running towards me getting very near. He holds out his hand and says come with me, You'll see visions so pretty that your eyes won't belive what they see. It's called heaven where all the good people go. The gates to enter are made from pearls white as snow. As he takes my hand we start walking to the light, It was beautiful with its radiant glow burning so bright. Then he stops and turns to me,"God said that,its not your turn to see". At first I was confused wondering why,But he told me,But not before he let out a little sigh. "God said someone else needs you".I felt a little scared,I think he felt it to. He said to me that he had to say that he was sad that he could tell no lies,I turned to him and said "me too" while looking into his soft brown eyes. His eyes brought comfort to me, Even when I started to think what won't happen or what won't ever be.

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