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About Myself

Hi my name is Adam and i go to a stupid military school. Well it is not THAT bad but sometime i wanna leave. Anyway, I like several things such as cars, music, WOMEN, ETC.... You know the basics of the average teen. Some Sports that I play is Baseball and Golf. Some Musical groups that i enjoy are Limp Bizkit, Kid Rock, Eminem, The Offspring, and various rap songs. My class includes: The VARSITY quarterback Brian, The Awesome George, The Mumbling Fincher, The music listening Elroy, The Chess king Timmy, The Honor Council Headmaster Jerry, The DBZ loving Drewpurt,Beautiful and soon to be driving Melissa, The beautiful and talented(tounge ewww) Kat, The beautiful stiffmaster Tiffany, The beautiful and atheletic shelly, The scritmaster Tim Bob, The stacyloving Jim Bob, The Thin but very beautiful cheerleader Jenna, The beautiful but sorry volleyball player Holly, The Bam Bam Brewer, The red fox Corey, The deer hunting fanatic Joey, and me SCROTUM! Email me anytime b/c i always write back. See ya:)