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Doug Moon's Controline Web Page

On Doug Moon's control line web page you will find various pictures of planes and contests around the country. If you have any pictures you would like posted just send them to the address below. I will be more than happy to add them to the web page also if you have any information on contests in your area let me know I will post it here.

A little bit about myself. I am from Dallas Texas. I fly at Hobby Park located at Garland rd and Northwest Highway. (Only two miles from my house. How great is that?) There are two paved circles and two grass circles with concrete centers. Our paved circles are in dire need of repaving and right now we are in contact with the city and trying to get the work done before next season. I have been actively building and flying control line since 1990. I have been involved in Stunt since 1994. I flew my first full pattern in 1994. Since then I have been hooked. I have competed in six Nationals. In 1994 I competed in beginner stunt with a profile mustang. I crashed on the figure eights. My brother Steve was there, he repaired my plane in 45 minutes. I was able to walk away with 5th place and a Buccaneer 740. I have attended and competed in the Nationals at the Advanced level since 1996. As I write this it is December 13, 2000 and I am already getting excited for the next trip to the Nationals.

The person who deserves the credit for getting me started in this great hobby/sport is my brother Steve. He was trying to fly a Ringmaster one day in the summer of 1990. He had done this kind of thing before when he was a kid. I had never really been involved in model building/flying. The plane did a loop on take off and straight into the ground. It was really funny. That was end of that Ringmaster. He was determined to fly. I was unemployed that summer and along for the fun. We went home and dug around in the attic of our parent's house and found a Sterling P-51 Mustang that he had built 15 years earlier. He mounted on the OS MAX 15 and back the field we went. He flew the whole tank out on the first flight it was great. The plane just lumbered around in the circle making all kinds of racket and not really going anywhere. So he looked at me and said, "Get out there and try it. If goes up give it some down and vice versa." I was nervous I remember as a kid when he had built that plane, it was a great model. I went out to the middle of the circle as he started the motor. The plane took off and went straight up. I had no idea what I was doing. As it went, (crawled) over the top I was pulling on the handle but getting no response from the model. I am now getting really scared it is going to crash. And crash it did. Straight in. I stood there in the middle of the circle horrified at what had just happened. I knew my brother would be mad that I had just totaled his model. I looked over my shoulder and there he was lying on the ground laughing out loud. It was a really funny moment. Well we inspected the damage and there was not one piece left that was bigger than a quarter. So that was my first real experience with Control Line flying. All the while this was happening former World Champion and Multiple National Champion Bob Gieseke was putting in pattern after pattern on the other circle. I looked at Steve and said, "I want to learn how to do 'That'." Well here we are ten years later having a ball and looking forward to many more fun, (funny) times ahead. And still trying to learn how to do,


Top 5 at the 2002 Nats

This year was an excellent year at the 2002 Nats. The Top 5 flyoff on Saturday included Paul Walker with the Miss America Mustang, Ted Fancher with the Final Edition, Bill Rich with his Randy Smith SV-22, Curt Contrada with his Randy Smith Satona, and me, Doug Moon, with my 2002 Bob Gieseke Big Bear. The flying was excellent. With some strong flights on Friday I found myself surrounded by some of the top names in stunt. Believe me it was a little overwhelming. However I was excited, nervous, and ready for the big day. It was so much fun I can't wait for next year to try to do it again. Only this time I wont be sneaking up on anyone so that is going to make it really tough.

Curt's new plane was a Randy Smith designed Satona. This is one is 630 square inches and is powered by a PA 40! Curt built and buffed his way to 19 points! Excellent work!

This is Paul Walkers Miss America. He is the 2002 Nats champ. This plane is fully take apart. He runs a Saito 56 on a 13" three blade prop. The area is around 660 square inches. It is his own design. He was awarded 18 points this year. He also won the concourse award. This is the first time a Nats champion was also the concourse winner. Also this was the first time a 4 stroke engine won the Nats Nice work Paul!

Bob MacDonald's P-47 was a spectaculor model. Built after Bill Werwages design. Bob incorporated a more racing style paint scheme. I loved it and thought it was an excellent flier.

This is Rich Giacobone's Stuka. It is his own design. I saw some of this plane on Windy's videos. The cowl was a real work of art with a totaly scale appearance and function. Nice plane Rich!

Here is the builder of that Stuka showing off his talents in the kitchen!

Talk about cool! Look closely and you will see a cartoon of Phil Granderson on that wheelpant. What craftsmanship! I looked at that as many times as I could throughout the week This wheelpant is attached to a plane called the Diva. It is a smaller plane powered by a mid 30s size engine on the pipe. Bob Hunt took it for a spin and thought it was a excellent flier.

Jake Moon stands in front of the Stearman. It was located at the airport near the AMA site. They were offering rides around muncie for a price. Windy Urtnowski, Kent Tysor, and others took the plunge and said it was a blast.

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