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The Everyday Stories webring was born from the Average, Boring Diaries ring. The principles are very much the same ... you are one person who has ideas, thoughts, opinions and stories, no matter what those stories might be, and you keep an online diary to share with the rest of the world. "Fake" or "gimmick" diaries will not be accepted to this ring.

If you are a resident of Diaryland, you are very welcome to join this webring. If you are not, you may still join the webring as long as the fragment is easily found on the journal part of your website. (This ring will only link online diaries, not websites, sorry).

Copy the fragments (or make up your own) and paste it on your diary, hopefully somewhere visible and accessible. Then, use the sign up form to add yourself to the queue. Please have the fragment up before you sign up. If the fragment isn't found, you will not be added to the ring.

Please note! This ring has recently changed hands! It's under new management, by me, Erin. Any questions, e-mail me.


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