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          My name is Christian Myhre. I am 20 months old in this picture and lovin' life! Like any child my age I love Winnie The Pooh, Tigger, Teletubbies and any kind of Tractor I can find! I even have a puppy named Tigger! Except, I do have a problem......I was born May 1, 1997, with a congenitial heart defect. I had my 1st surgery when I was one week old. I had a 20% chance to live. I pulled through it with flying colors! In September 1998, I was in the 2nd stage and had my next surgery. I did great then too! Now, it is time for my 3rd heart surgery, the final stage!!! I am a little scared, but, it should be no problem.... The doctors say I have a 95% chance of survival.

          Now...I am writing to you from Heaven. You see, 8 days after my surgery, I passed away on January 13, 1999. Although, I am not alone, I am up here with all of the other angels...the thing is...I am worried about my Mommy and Daddy. With love always, "BUCKY"

          Christian was such a special little boy, whom we will never forget. He would just light up a room with the cute little smile of his. He was always happy. We will always have our memories and I would love it if friends and family would email me with their memories of Christian. It would really mean a lot to us.

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