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    Ok, 1999 saw the UK start from nothing, Not a figure in sight,
    The UK had to depend on expensive mail-order for figures.

    Then april 1999 saw the first trickle of wrestling figures,
    These figures where WWF Jakks slammers series 1, And these where
    flying off the pegs.
    This was to be the turning point for the UK WWF/WCW figure merchandise,
    Soon we saw the flow of figures getting more rapid, The sales reports
    where getting to the ears of store managers, The Uk was once again to
    join the wrestling boom industry.

    Word started to get around the UK that figures where now available,
    The people proved there was a market for wrestling again.

    But now its november!, And its a novenber to remember cos this is
    the month the UK gets TITAN TRON LIVE!.
    Expected mid November, This will be the most anticipated toy on
    the shelves with regards to kids and wrestling collectors alike.
    I phoned "Kidz Biz" the people responsible for getting this stuff
    to the stores, They said they are expecting to get: TTL series1,
    TTL Double slam and the Titan Tron ramp,

    Ok, That about wraps it up,
    Lets hope the wrestling toy boom in the UK triggers some house shows,
    Hear that WWF!!, Get your asses over here, Not just some one night
    only events, U betta reconize We want the uk tours back!,

    (BBFW co-webmaster)

    This is a list of the current selection of Wrestling merchandise
    available in the UK.

    "The Entertainer" head office for local store(0181 8487511)
    WWF Jakks superstars 8 and 9, Sig 4, Breakdown, 2 Tuff-3, 4 figure box sets, Lethal ladder/Deadly dungeon playsets, Raw is war ring, Attidude ring, Kids Jakks WWF world title belt

    "Forbidden planet".. Store details at end of this page.
    WWF Jakks Superstars series 8 and 9, Fully loaded 1, 2 Tuff-3 and 4, Maximum sweat 1 and 2, Breakdown, Deadly games, Austin grapple blue box set, Undertaker and Austin 3 figure box sets(stomp/RnR/slammer), Lethal ladder/Deadly dungeon play sets, Kids smoking skull and world title belts, WWF trivia game.(WWF Bend-ems various)
    WCW Toybiz series 1, Grip n` flip, Bash Brawlers.

    "Toys-r-us".. if you live on earth, youve got one of these.
    WWF Jakks series 8, Fully loaded 1, Stomp(space), Series 6(possibly series 8 in some stores).
    WCW Toybiz Series 1, Ringfighters, Grip n` flip,(power and beauty macho-lizzy/battle of the giants nash-giant 2 packs),Bashin Brawlers. WCW ring,

    Also bear in mind that the WWf Jakks Titan tron stuff will be in stock any day!.

    The catalogue stores Argos and Index also have limited stock of wrestling merchandise, Just call for latest stock.

    Beaties model shop and Wollworths Have some figures, But very poor selection,

    Ok, heres the store info For the "forbidden planet stores"

    Dublin.36 Dawson Street, Dublin 2. tel:+353 1 671 06 88.
    Limerick.39-40 Roches Street, Limerick. tel:+353 61 411 488.

    Edinburgh.3 Teviot Place, Edinburgh, EH1 2QZ. tel:+44 31 225 8613.
    Glasgow.168 Buchanan Street, Glasgow, G1 2LW. tel:+44 41 331 1215,

    Cardiff.5 Duke Street, Cardiff, CF1 2AY. tel:+44 01222 228 885.

    71 New Oxford Street, London, WC1A 1DG. tel:+44 71 836 4179.

    29 Sydney Street, Brighton, Sussex, BN1 4EP. tel:+44 273 687 620,

    30 Penn Street, Bristol, BS1 3AS tel:+44 272 298 692.

    60 Burleigh Street, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB1 1DJ. tel:+44 223 301 666.

    59 Grainger Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 5JE. tel:+44 91 261 9173.

    129 Middle Walk, Broadmarsh Centre, Nottingham, NG1 7LN. tel:+44 602 584 706.

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