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Tom Amiga Hardware-Software Page

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Update 30 october 1999


This page is about overclocking the Amiga BlizzardPPC board from Phase5. Once on the internet, i visit various site's from people who overclocked their boards. Since July 22 1999, i'am the happy owner of a BlizzardPPC board with upclocked 68060 66,66Mhz ! Simply send my board to an Amiga dealer, replacing the clocks with a socket. So i can exchange manualy both the clocks of the 68060 and 603e. By myself, i add a 486 heatsink fan on the 68060, this was a little work because the fan didn't fit exactly. (remove an edge oneside and remove one of the four clips, then it clicks on the 68060) The Infinitive tower is great, i can reach the CPU's and clocks easily ! I've also upclocked the 603e 200Mhz to 240Mhz, isn't stable though. Only the MP3 player and JPEG PPC works in 70ns RAM. Larger programs as MAME, ADOOM, QUAKE and ISIS stops. For getting the 240Mhz ,i made a fullsize TTL Oscilator 80Mhz adaptable for the required half size. Better is to make a Variable Frequency Oscilator; it works pretty to try a wide variaty of frequencies. The schematics can be found on Dave's homepage. (see links section) As i stated, the 68060 runs fine with 66,66Mhz in 60ns RAM. Tried to upclock to 75 and 80, didn't work.

My system: Amiga1200T 68060 66Mhz 603e 200Mhz, 3.1 ROM, 128Mb RAM, SCSI 8G QUANTUM HD, SCSI YAMAHA CD-R 6x4x, BVision Cybergraphics, IOMEGA 100Mb ZIP Paralel port.

My other Amiga works: Modified Amiga paralel port for Iomega ZIPdrive. Can be found on Aminet as ppazip.lha by Bruce Abbot.

Blizzard SCSI cable, soldering normal SCSI 50p

I plan to put images of my Overclocked Blizzard on this page..

Tom Duin

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CounterStart: 12 october 1999