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Amanda's Fushigi Yuugi Page

Konnichi wa, and welcome to my Fushigi Yuugi page

"This is the story of a girl who gathered the Seven Seishi of Suzaku, and acquired the power to make every wish come true. The story itself is an incantation. Whoever finishes the book shall receive this power. As soon as the page is turned, the story will become the truth and begin..."

* * *

Hello, and welcome to my Fushigi Yuugi page. For those of you who are wondering what exactly Fushigi Yuugi is, it's a Japanese cartoon series that was recently released in America on September 17, 1999. This show has a really good story line to it... it's not one of those stupid "Sailor Moon" (no offense to fans of that show) shows with no plot. It has a plot, and it has GREAT characters. Check out my links for more about this great cartoon.

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*Please note that this page is under constant construction. Enjoy your stay here, and come back soon to see if I've updated it. This page will never be done! I'm always adding stuff, so make sure you come back! ^_^ -Amanda- March. 16, 2000*

The Story Of Fushigi Yuugi

Yeah, I know, it's cliche. But I couldn't make this page without telling what FY's all about.

Character Profiles

A character page for each of the seishii and their mikos

Lia's Views on Hotohori ::blech::

Ewwww. Lia is so obsessed with Hotohori, and this proves it. ::gags::

FY Links

Um... this is pretty self explanitory

Top 10 Fushigi Yuugi Scenes

...according to me.

Jenn's Episode Summaries for episodes 1-52 **MAJOR SPOILER WARNING**

Great episode summaries for those of you who can't wait to know what happens next. ((note: these aren't mine, they're Jenn's. There's a link to her page on my links page))

Lia's Character Pages

...So for she's got one for Miaka and one for Shouka

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