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The Wacker Family Tree

Also Incorporating The Following Names:

Affleck, Bauer, Biegel, Brege, Dalgleish, Deike, Ebinger, Feieraben, Flasshaar, Ganzer, Geffer, Grotsky, Grozart, Hargner, Hock, Karrasch, Kiemann, Lindenmayer, Madern, Mallitz, Mallwitz, Marx, Muller, Munro, Murray, Noteman, Oehlmann, Penning, Puschmann, Richta, Sabburg, Sanders, Schoenau, Schwartz, Seiler, Sichmann, Stoddart, Tabel, Trebbin, Uecker, Volp, Wacker, Witte, Zeller, Zirbel


I have attempted to list all direct ancestor surnames that I am researching.

These are listed in the country of origin.

Names will also appear under Australia, if that person migrated to Australia.


Please browse and contact me if there are any names in common with your family.



Last Updated 23 April 2000