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A Student Survey on School Violence

I've had many ask for statistics on school violence. Let's create some. Here's a survey to use regarding school violence. It's geared towards students, but teachers, administrators, and parents are encouraged to complete it too. If you can pass on feedback you receive, I'll tabulate and publish the results on the site. You can also send the completed surveys and I'll compile the info. Ask for a snail-mail address. The more the merrier!! Private schools and other countries/providences welcome! Teachers, students, parents get involved! Paste and copy the survey to print or e-mail me to send a download. Thanks!!

Grade: ________th grade. Age_______ Location of school__________________________

Use this rating scale for the following questions:
1:Nil..........2:Low..........3:Average..........4:High..........5:Very high

1._____How do you rate the overall violence where you live?

2.Rate the following concerning how you feel these subjects relate/lead to school violence.
_____Parental negligence (abuse, neglect, divorce, conflicting relationships, etc.)
_____Peer pressure (treatment, fashion, reputations, etc.)
_____Entertainment (video games, movies, music, books, art)
_____Religion / Beliefs (conflicting ideas, treatment, extremism, prejudice)
_____Finances (poverty, middle-class, upper-class/wealthy, cost of living, goods, etc.)
_____Weapons (availability of guns/etc., availability of bomb recipes on the net, etc.)
_____Treatment of students by teachers or school administrators.

3. How does the administration tend to treat violence in your school?

A.Doesn’t need to worry about it because it rarely happens.
B.Feels as though “everything is under control”.
C.Is very aware of the problem and is doing their best to treat it.
D.Is often ignored or even covered up.

4.How is discipline handled in your school? (Check more than one if they apply.)

_____A.Students are arrested or severely disciplined for violent acts or behavior.
_____B.Students who commit violent acts are often ignored.
_____C.Students often receive a “slap on the wrist” and are sent back to class.
_____D.Students are disciplined unfairly for minor things or things they didn't do.

6.What are your feelings concerning school violence in your area?

A.Can't happen
B.Can happen, but little chance of major violence occurring.
C.Bad stuff has happened, but nothing serious.
D.Seriously bad stuff has happened.

7.What measures has/is your school taking to prevent violence?(Mark all that apply.)

_____A.They've done nothing. Our school is perfectly fine.
_____B.School security patrols the halls.
_____C.Cameras have been installed.
_____D.A police officer occasionally checks on the school.
_____E.An armed police officer is stationed at the school.
_____F.Armed security guards patrol the halls.
_____G.Teachers are required to take self-defense training.
_____H.Metal detectors at the entrance of buildings.
_____I.Occasional random weapon and drug searches.

8.Have you committed any acts of violence, small or serious? _____YES _____NO

9.Has any of your friends or relatives been victims of school violence?
_____YES _____NO

Use these ratings for the following questions.
1:Never........2:Rare........3:Uncommon........4:Occasional........5: Common........6:Everyday

10.Rate the activities of the student body in your school.

_____Distribution of illegal drugs (distributing/using drugs on campus).
_____Fights on campus
_____Vandalism (Destruction of school property, spray-painting on walls, arson, etc.)
_____Illicit sex.
_____Harassment or battery of teachers by students.
_____Student threats against other students or faculty.
_____Carrying weapons (knives, guns) on campus for use or self-defense.
_____Presence of threatening gangs on campus.

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