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Violence Crisis in Today's Schools



School crimes and violence occur which are ignored or covered up?
**Police are told NOT to arrest students for crimes on campus?
**Teachers get reprimanded for writing too many referrals on disruptive students?

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I am T.J. O'Rourke and a teacher of ten years. I've seen violence and illegal activity in schools as well as bad discipline which keeps others from learning. One thing I've discovered is, too often, violence and behavior is ignored or even covered up. I've decided to start a book to share my experiences. My hope is to publish a book on school violence and discipline problems and then a follow-up derived from experiences of others.

About Me [TWIRLINGBUTTON]My experience includes Middle School, homeless shelter, and detention center.
[TWIRLINGBUTTON]Most of my teaching has been in middle-school but I have taught "everything" since I began.
[TWIRLINGBUTTON]I am married with three young children.
[TWIRLINGBUTTON]My interests include family, reading, and making friends.


Any educators, security, administrators, teacher's aides, parents, or students with stories? Have you seen violence or other disruptions that shouldn't be? Seeking testimonials. Stories can be of any nature providing they are true and occur in schools. E-mail them! Include your initials, state, and if a teacher, grade you teach. Thanks for your input!

I have had many write in an effort to find statistics on school violence for projects/papers. There's few to be found. With your help, let's make some! I've developed a concise survey to pass around your school or community. It'll be interesting to compare answers from those of different age groups, social brackets and geographical locations. Pass on your findings and I'll publish them!
Student Survey


My Book
Attached is two sections of my proposed book: the Foreword and fourth chapter. This is a draft and is subject to revision. The Foreword will be updated. Enjoy and let me know any comments or suggestions. I am seeking ideas for a title and a means to publish the final work. Thanks for your help and support!

Crisis/Schools-Book Foreword

Crisis/Schools-Chapter 4

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Book Progress

I have almost completed Chapter Ten. I'm currently debating whether to add another section on-line. I want to thank everyone who has encouraged me throughout. With your continued support, my dream will become reality.


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